Term 1 Week 4 Update

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Chuseok break. We had a busy week with lots of fun and learning going on.

This week, in English, we looked at writing dialogue; going over the rules and creating our own short written piece. Also, we went over different types of figurative language and explored idioms and their meanings. The students had fun playing some games while learning about synonyms and antonyms.

In IPC, the students finished their graphic organisers to plan the steps to reach their goals. Also, we spent some time looking at the importance of questions when learning. We looked at questions we could ask ourselves before, during and after a task. Then the students made a tower from craft sticks and clips but asked questions to ensure they were successful.

This week in Math, we started a unit on 2D shapes, where students get to explore the different properties of triangles or quadrilaterals. We also learnt about the symmetry of shapes as a property of the shape as well as symmetry in patterns and pictures that include colour.