End of Term 2 Update

Hello everyone!

Well done on the end of another term; the class has continued to work hard, progress and produce work to an excellent standard. I look forward to term 3.

The children had a lot of fun on the last day of term; we played some games and had a great time at the dance party; thank you to the PTA for organising this event.

This last week has mostly been about wrapping up units and projects the children have been working on. They finished our quick unit on poetry by looking at poems about family. Also, they completed their environmentally friendly house and wrote about it, explaining its features.

That’s all for this week, enjoy your Easter break.

Trip Photos

Apologies for the delay, here is a separate update dedicated to photos from the trip.

Term 2 Week 10 Update

Hello everyone!

What a way to end last week with a fun trip to Gyochon village – in Gyeongju. The highlight of the trip was the noodle-making; every child listened well and made some great noodles, which I hope they get to cook and try at home over the weekend. Also, we got to explore a historic village, see the royal tombs, make some rice cakes, and cross Woljeonggyo bridge. There were a lot of photos taken on the trip, I will add these in a separate post later.

In English this week, we ended our debate unit by writing a balanced argument. We then started a quick poetry unit to take us to the end of the term, which looks at poems by Michael Rosen.

For IPC, we designed and made an ecological, sustainable house and then started to make it. Then we looked at circuits and how to draw a circuit with the correct symbols.

This week in math, we completed calculations with fractions, by looking at ordering fractions and adding fractions and mixed numbers. We also revised some multiplication by doing a pixel art project.

Term 2 Week 9 Update

Don’t forget our trip is next week the students will need to bring: a packed lunch, a snack and wear their school uniform. If anyone hasn’t completed the permission form or bought 10,000 won to help cover the cost, please do so as soon as possible.

In English this week, the class debated abolishing exams; they researched different points and facts and then wrote what they would say. I was impressed with their confidence, how clearly they spoke, and their reasons for and against. 

We carried on with some History in IPC. We started off by looking at how settlers choose a settlement and what they need. Also, the students explored the key reasons for explorers and people settling in newly discovered land. They made a poster to show each of these reasons: God, Glory, and Gold. Next, the children looked at the Silk Road, what it was and how important it was; then they made an interactive map to show trade along the route. 

This week in Math, the students learned more about fractions; they looked at converting between mixed and improper fractions and vice versa. They also looked at how to multiply with mixed fractions. 

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.

Term 2 Week 8

A short week, but a busy week nonetheless. A few reminders, firstly, our class trip is on the 17th the March. Please fill out the permission form if you haven’t done so already Link; I kindly request that children bring 10,000won to help cover the cost. Secondly, PE is on Tuesdays and Fridays unless there is a trip or school event; some students are not wearing appropriate clothing for this.

In English this week, we started to prepare for a formal class debate. The students researched points and facts; to support their speech for next week. To help with this, we played some games based on disagreeing and creating rebuttals.

In IPC, we finished the geography part of this unit; by making some posters to show what they learnt. The students began to look at settlements from a historical point of view.

This week in Math, we started with a unit on numbers and more specifically multiplying with fractions and decimals. The learners multiplied whole numbers with fractions, whole numbers with decimals and fractions by fractions.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.

Class Trip

I am pleased to announce that the class will go on a trip to Gyochon Traditional Village in Gyeongju; on Friday 17th March. This will be a great trip, linked to our current IPC unit, ‘Building a Village’. Students will arrive and leave school at the usual times and attend club if they are part of one on Friday. Students will need to bring a packed lunch and must wear their school uniform. Any questions about the trip, please contact me. Please fill out the permission form with the link provided. 

Term 2 Week 7 Update

Happy Friday!

It has been a busy week of learning and the time has just flown by. Keep an eye out for a separate update about our class trip!

In English this week, the students continued their work around debate writing. The students wrote an argument for banning something related to school. They also explored different debate questions sorting statements into for or against. From this, they then chose one of these topics and did their own research into them.

During our IPC lesson, we started to explore the differences between villages, towns and cities. Each child picked a place and draw a map and then listed the services that the settlement provides.

This week in Math, we looked at perimeter and area measurements. We looked at using squared paper and measurements to calculate the area of objects. Lastly, we calculated the area of different compound shapes by adding or subtracting simpler shapes.

Have a great weekend!

Term 2 Week 6

Hello everyone.

An eventful week as the PTA surprised us on Valentine’s day with some chocolate and a card and Ulsan experienced a little bit of snow which is rare. Also, we say farewell to David Song, who has been at the school since I joined in 2018, we wish him good luck at his new school and every bit of success.

In English this week, we started our unit about debate writing. The students wrote an assessment to see what they knew, which will allow me to see how well they will improve by the end of the unit. Also, we played a game of ‘Would you Rather’ to express opinions and give reasons for our choice. Then we wrote our own argument based on who we thought was the greatest person in the world ever; using their achievements to support this claim, we then shared these with the class.

In IPC, we looked at different villages around the world. The children drew a map with a key using Google earth or Google maps and then answered questions.

This week in Math, we looked at data points on a scatter plot. We looked at the different correlations between the data points and then did an experiment to see if there was a correlation between foot size and jumping length.

Term 2 Week 5

Hello everyone!

It was a pleasure to meet so many parents this past week and discuss your child’s progress and how well they are doing at school. If any questions or concerns arise, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In IPC, we ended our ‘Look Hear’ unit about light and sound by making posters about our learning to put on display. Then we started our new unit called ‘Building a Village’ with an entry point where the children built a village made up of the building they thought it needed.

In English, we came to the end of our English unit around the book ‘The Boy in the Tower,’ which the children loved and couldn’t wait to get to the end. The students used the book to plan and write their version based on these; I saw a lot of eager students, keen to show off their writing, with some continuing through the break.

This week in Math, we looked at drawing and interpreting line graphs and pie charts. The students used various data sets, including one they collected among themselves, to draw these graphs.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.

Term 2 Week 4 Update

Hello everyone!

Another busy week full of great learning experiences. Your child’s mid-term report went home today, and parent-teacher conferences will take place next week; I look forward to seeing you all then.

During IPC lessons, we spent most of our time in a dark classroom as we experimented with light. The students explored reflection, refraction, the visible spectrum of light, light and filters and shadows.

In English, we continued to enjoy our class reading of ‘The Boy in the Tower.’ While reading the text, we learnt about the relative clauses, wrote setting descriptions, looked at the subjunctive forms, and wrote letters of advice. The children have enjoyed the book, which we should be ending next week.

In Math, we used data to draw different types of graphs, including waffle graphs and bar charts. Students also used these types of graphs to analyse the data and draw conclusions from it.

That’s all for this wee, have a great weekend everyone.