Week 13 Update

Hello everyone!

At the start of the week, we finished off our unit, ‘The Great, the Bold and the Brave.’ The students made a timeline showing the Anglo-Saxon kings; up until the year 1066 when the Normans took over England.

The highlight of the week was the class trip to the Busan science museum. This was a fantastic entry point to our new unit called ‘Fascinating Forces,’ the children had a great time exploring the different exhibits and learning through experiences the museum had to offer. All of this, set them up ready to delve deeper into forces over the next few weeks. After, the trip the students carried out a knowledge harvest to show what they know about forces.

In English we continued with our poetry unit, we explored expanded noun phrases and how we could use them to create a poem. The students took pictures around the school to help them create expanded noun phrases.

This week in Math the students explored probability and the language associated with probability. Learners also discovered the difference between mutually exclusive and NOT mutually exclusive events when conducting chance experiments. 

Term 1 Week 12 Update

Wow! What a way to end the week with the Kindness Market. The children had a lot of fun with so much on offer; thank you all for your donations. An extra big thank you to Ms Sim and the kindness club for organising such a wonderful event. All the contributions will make a huge difference!

In English this week, we started a new unit on poetry. We went over poetic features, highlighted them and labelled them in different poems and compared and contrasted two poems.

This week we completed our unit on fractions, decimals and percentages. The learners had the opportunity to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. We also looked at comparing and equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

In IPC, we are coming towards the end of our history unit, ‘The Great the Bold and the Brave.’ We moved on to Anglo-Saxons as the Roman Empire collapsed the Anglo-Saxons moved to England and settled. The students explored similarities and differences between Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and Alfred the Great’s achievements.

Term 1 Week 11 Update

Hello everyone!

Half term is here and I hope you all have a very enjoyable break. I hope you can find the time to fill out a permission form for our trip to Busan Science Museum in the link provided. Link

This week in English, the students planned and wrote a script independently, including all of the features. They also checked their work and checked a partner’s work to see how successful they had been.

In IPC this week, we focused on the Roman army. The students explored two key questions, what made the Roman army so successful and what it was like to be a Roman soldier? They learnt about reasons for their successes and ranked these. They looked at a day in the life of a Roman soldier and made a Roman shield so they could become a legion and work together to make the different formations the Roman army would use in battle.

In Math, we looked at fractions, decimals and percentages. We learned how to convert between the three and how to use fractions as an operator. we also looked at proper and improper fractions and mixed numbers. 

That’s all for this week.

Term 1 Week 10 Update

Hello everyone!

With only one week left until the half-term break, the learning doesn’t stop. This week was super busy as we ended the week with a Halloween party; the students looked very spooky in their costumes, and they had so much fun playing games and trick-or-treating.

This week in IPC, we looked at the Roman invasions with a focus on Britain. The students role-played how the Celts may have responded to the invasion. They also examined the impact being conquered had on them, both positive and negative. Also, they researched famous Roman Emperors that expanded the Empire the most.

In English, we continued our work around play scripts. We explored stage directions, using verbs and adverbs to write these. Also, we learnt about characterisation, how to bring characters to life when writing scripts, and performing on stage. The students also played a game where they had to describe a famous character to another student.

This week in Math, the learners explored 3D shapes and their nets. They also learned about compound 3D shapes and identified the regular shapes that are combined to form them. 

That’s all for this week!

Term 1 Week 9 Update

Another busy week, with lots of learning going on as the students continue to work hard. Don’t forget the school will be having a Halloween part this Friday, which will be great fun.

This week in English, we started our new unit called ‘Lights, Cameras Action,’ with the main focus being play scripts. To start the unit and get the students excited about their learning; we visited the auditorium and used the stage to perform a short scene from Alice and Wonderland. We spent the rest of the week exploring Aladdin and the features of scripts.

This week in Math, we learnt about calculations that do not just consist of numbers. We used symbols and then letters to represent numbers in sums and found out the different values of these letters, we also looked at how we can substitute different values into equations to get other answers.

In IPC, we looked at Roman Villas; we built a model, wrote a persuasive piece and designed a floor plan. Also, we explored Roman buildings, we used the library to conduct research to find out about famous Roman architecture their purpose and their importance.

Term 1 Week 8 Update

Hello everyone.

The fun and learning never stops as we reach the end of week 8. Please, keep checking the newsletter for more information about everything going on at school. On the 28th October, the school will be having a Halloween party, a fun event for students to dress, play games and have a few treats.

We have completed our unit ‘Tell me How’ about instructional writing. The students spent a lot of this week writing a leaflet with a set of instructions included. Also, each student checked their work against the success criteria and made improvements.

In IPC, the students created a quick script so they could role-play using the Ancient Greek theatre masks. Also, the students spent a lesson looking at Alexander the Great and his achievements. At the end of the week, we moved on to Ancient Rome; we looked at how the Empire was governed.

In Math, this week we completed our unit on averages and wrote the end-of-unit test to check our understanding. We started a new unit about adding and subtracting to improve our speed and accuracy for adding decimals and positive and negative numbers.

Term 1 Week 7 Update

Hello everyone

We are now in week 7 of the new school year and the students are very settled, working hard and producing excellent work.

In English this week, we continued our work on instruction writing. I wanted to link our English with our current IPC unit; we researched mythical creatures so we could write instructions on How to Catch one. We also explored connectives and prepositions.

In IPC, we spent much of this week researching the Persian Wars for our IPC lessons. The students used their research to create a timeline of key events. Also, we explored Ancient Greek theatre; the student made Greek threatre masks, ready for a performance next week.

This week in Math we finished our unit on special numbers by building a big triangle and guessing the next number of triangles in each line. We then started out the unit on averages, learning more about the mode, median, mean and range. The learners have the opportunity to make use of this new knowledge in a real-life situation making use of data collected in the class. 

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.

Hello everyone!

A productive week with so much going on, it was nice to have a full week with the class.

This week in IPC, we carried out a ‘Knowledge Harvest’ about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. They presented their knowledge in a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two civilisations. In another lesson, the students looked into Ancient Greek gods and goddesses; they scanned QR codes to find information and complete a table about them.

In English, we finished our fables unit by writing our own fable, carefully thinking about the features and what we have learnt. We then started our non-fiction unit ‘Tell Me How’ which focuses on instruction writing. The students highlighted and labeled the features and we then started to look deeper into some of these features.

This week in Math we looked at numbers and sequences, especially special numbers like square and triangular numbers. The learners also made use of the Sieve of Eratosthenes to find the prime numbers in a 100 square. 

Term 1 Week 5 Update

Hello everyone,

Another short week due to another typhoon but a busy week full of fun and lots of learning.

In Math, we finished our unit on 2D shapes by looking at lines of symmetry and reflections over the vertical and horizontal mirror lines. The students also had a chance to see how well they have mastered the skills they have occurred by writing an end-of-unit test.

We are coming towards the end of our English unit ‘There’s a lesson in that’. This week, the students created a presentation giving their opinions and ideas on different versions of ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ and presented them. They also planned, their fable ready to write next week, they will base it on ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ and make a few changes to give their own twist on this tale.

In IPC, we also reached the end of our ‘Brainwave’ unit and began our new unit ‘The Great, the Bold and the Brave.’ As an entry point to this unit we looked at different structures from the period of History, we will study and recreated them.