Newsletter 2020/21 Term 3 Week 1

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Tuesday Newsletter

Welcome back to Term 3 with a surprise Tuesday Newsletter!

The Newsletter is early this week so we can get clubs organised and share some other important information.

Newsletters will be back to their normal Friday time from this Friday!

Talent Show

Just in case you haven’t seen them yet, the videos of the Talent Show are here.

Clubs in Term 3

Here are the clubs on offer in Term 3.

Please sign-up using this form.

Some clubs have limited numbers so make sure to sign-up quickly.

N.B – In Science/Baking Club the groups will rotate between Science with Mr de Klerk and Baking with Ms McClellan on alternate weeks. One week you will be baking and the next week you will be doing some science.

Clubs will start in Week 2 and last until Week 9

ClubDayOpen toMax NumberTeacher
Coding ClubFridayYear 2+No limitMr Green
Chess and Board Games ClubThursdayYear 2+20Mr Green
Sports and GamesMondayAll20Mr Dunn
Science/BakingTuesdayGroup A: FS 1- Year 2
Group B: Year 3 +
10 for each groupMr De Klerk
Ms McClellan

Welcome to our New Students

A very warm welcome to our new students in Ms McClellan’s class.

Welcome Niko, Sarah and Ava!

We hope you we be very happy at HFS.

Students Leaving Early

If you know you will be leaving HFS before the end of term it is very helpful if you let us know as soon as possible. We need to make sure lots of important paperwork gets completed.

School Calendar 2021/22

Here is the School Calendar for next year.

Some points of explanation…

  • Term 1 will start with a short week for the students starting on Thursday 19th August. This is to allow for two days of new class activities and then full weeks of learning starting the following week. It also allows us to give the students a short break in November to break up a long term.
  • The students will have two days off in November while the teachers are still working at school. This is to give the students a break in a long term and also allow the teachers to complete the work necessary for our next CIS visit.
  • Chuseok and Lunar New Year have been made into full week holidays.
  • The number of school days remains unchanged.

Download the PDF

Cambridge Assessment Week

Week 3 this term (week beginning 19th April) will be an assessment week for students in Years 1-7.

Students in Year 6 will be sitting the Cambridge Checkpoint Exams in English, Maths and Science. These exams are externally marked and the results sent back to the school. The results of these exams will be shared with parents in your child’s final reports in June.

All Students in Year 2-7 will be sitting the Cambridge Progress Tests in Maths and English. These exams are marked in school using the standards set by Cambridge Assessment. The results of these exams will also be shared with parents in your child’s final reports and June.

The best thing you can do to help us is to remind your child that although exams are important and we should try our best, there is no need to be stressed or nervous. Keep calm and do your best.

As these assessments cover material learned throughout the year and a student ongoing progress, there is no specific preparation the students should be doing.

Cambridge InCAS Assessments

The feedback we have received from parents and our external auditors have shown us that parents want more objective assessments of their child’s progress. As a result of this feedback and our own reflection, we have decided to introduce an additional assessment program.

Students in Years 1-6 will complete Cambridge InCAS Assessments twice a year. These assessments are completed online and will provide the school and parents with an age-standardised assessment of a child’s ability and progress at a given time. Also, by tracking this data over time and by comparing the performance of our students in different curriculum areas, the school will be better able to monitor how well we are doing and adjust our efforts accordingly.

The students have already started working on these assessments this term.

We currently considering how best to share the results of these assessments with parents, but they will most probably also be included in a child’s report.

Further Information on InCAS Assessments

Looking Forward

We are looking forward to an interesting and exciting Term 3 filled with great learning, fun and friendship.

As always, Mr Green and the other members of the school staff are always happy to talk to our school parents, at any time, about any matter.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, need any help or have any suggestions.

Mr Green