Week 13 Spelling and update

Spelling for Monday.

Year 1: blow, flap, glad, play, plan, as, with his, they, at.

Year 2: Biscuit, Chocolate, Symmetry, Picture, Design, Both, Few, Those, Always, Looked.

Hi Parents and Children

We’ve reached the end of a full week and have been extremely productive. In English we started learning about Instructional writing and Verbs. In Math we reviewed 2-D and 3-D Shapes and explored the concept of symmetrical shapes and patterns. IPC was popular with the start of the unit on “The Magic Toy maker” and the children showed boundless creativity and imagination in creating their own toys from recycled materials as an entry point. Finally,  in P.E we consolidated our throwing, catching and kicking skills in learning how to play Kick-Baseball . A thoroughly fun and creative week of learning. Please enjoy the pictures below and I look forward to seeing you at the Fun Day tomorrow!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Kearney

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