Term 1 Week 8 Update

Let’s start by talking about phonics and next week’s Alphabet Party. The students are so excited that they are nearly done learning all their letter sounds. They’re brimming with anticipation of the event. We finished learning all our sounds up to Y today so that just leaves Z on Tuesday and we’ll be ready to celebrate. This celebration will also be our Exit Point for our IEYC topic, Chattering Children. We will have some alphabet activities and we will also be serving very light refreshments. Hopefully the students can remember what they’ve learned about table manners to help serve you!

The party will be on Thursday, October 24th. at 2:30pm. We’ll gather in the FS 1/2 classroom. All parents are welcome to join.

Speaking of parties, we had a tea party this week and it was made extra special by Y 1/2 joining us for the day. We learned a little about where tea comes from. We learned that the tea we were going to have comes from a bush in Africa. We got the opportunity to smell the tea, then we watched it steep, and finally we drank a little taste. There was optional milk and honey available that most of the children opted into. Please note, this was not actual tea. It was a caffeine-free herbal tea called rooibos. In addition to being caffeine-free, rooibos tea is very low in tannins making it gentle on the stomach. The party was a great success and all the children had fun. The tea, however, received mixed reviews: some loved it and some  hated it. To view the whole album of photos on Google, please follow the private link here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/G1tPYExucFCTseo47

20191016_135917 20191016_140229 20191016_140830 20191016_141228 20191016_141258 20191016_141552

We followed up this activity by making a book about it the next day. The students read (some with my help and some without) the simple text I had written about the day. Then we did a sequencing activity putting pictures from the day in order according to the text. Finally, we decorated it with stickers.

20191017_135040 20191017_135507 20191017_135518 20191017_140738

Earlier in the week we combined playing with hats and personalities and literacy. First we gathered all the hats in our classroom to the centre of the room. Then, we tried them on and tried different personalities. Finally, we played a game reading and tossing letter and word cards into a hat. Some of the students read their first independent words!

20191015_134228 20191015_134346 20191015_134417 20191015_134526 20191015_134554 20191015_134703 20191015_135435 20191015_135604

In Math we continued working on one more and one less and switched today to finding out how many in total 2 sets of numbers is. We rolled 2 number cubes and counted up the total number and covered the total on our game boards. The students had fun doing addition without even knowing it.

20191018_093247 20191018_093233 20191018_093344

That’s all for this week. Stay dry this weekend and we’ll see you next week!