Week 10 Update

Well we’ve passed the 40 day mark in school today. Everyone is always excited as we add 1 more day onto our number strip to get to 100.

In Math Buddies we reviewed the numbers 6-10. I opted to only spend 5 days on this unit as we have been working with 1-10 since the beginning of the  year in Calendar Time. Next week we will be comparing numbers 1-10 and will spend the full 10 days on the unit.

IMG_20181029_095041 IMG_20181030_095225 IMG_20181030_095231 IMG_20181030_095241 IMG_20181031_09391720181030_094120

In Writer’s Workshop we are still working on our Illustrators unit but we have begun to focus greatly on making sure there is a lot of detail in our visual stories and also that there are labels on our illustrations. The labels are coming along with some students having more and less success than others but everyone is trying and that’s fantastic.


We’ve begun our new unit of phonics and I did jump ahead of myself in explaining what we’ll be working on in this unit. We are focussing primarily on a more in-depth study of letter sounds focussing on the initial sounds of words. We’ve got Letter Journals that we work on every day and handwriting is becoming more of a priority.

IMG_20181029_173838 IMG_20181029_173845 IMG_20181101_110120IMG_20181030_110446

Our 5 senses IPC exploration focussed mainly on sound this week with the highlights being taking a walk around the Hanmaeum Center and listening to different sounds as well as creating our own sounds from all those found objects that were kindly sent in.

20181030_142547 20181030_142954 20181101_135405 20181101_140702 20181101_141730

There is still lots of time for developmental play. Children choose to split their time by role-playing familiar scenarios such as going to the grocery store or restaurant, building with blocks, or playing with cars. Others have chosen to focus on making art and crafts as the creations coming home in their backpacks this week may have indicated.


We look forward to another fun week of learning next week!


Marie McClellan