HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 1 Week 12

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Dear Parents

The first term is slowly ebbing away as the Winter break draws near. I do hope you are keeping warm as the weather turns. It will be a brief newsletter from HFS this week.


Open Day

HFS Open Day Poster (영문)

On Monday 3rd of December HFS is proud to be holding an open day. Any current and prospective parents of students are welcome to view and participate in the dynamic teaching and learning taking place at our school.

  • Open Day Overview
9:30 am Brief Presentation at hall
9:45 am  School Tour
10:00 am Refreshment at the cafeteria
10:30 am  Roaming the school and Open Class
11:30 am Q&A, Farewell at the hall


Invite friends and join us on that December morning from 09:30 am for those new to HFS to have a presentation and a tour of our school or from 10:30 am if you want to see the students and teachers in action and have an opportunity to see what is happening at HFS.


Theo’s performance at Dongrami theater


We are so proud of our year 4 student, Theo Fatet, for his wonderful performance in the Dongrami theater production of “The Wizard of Oz”. Mr. Gaffney and myself enjoyed the production immensely and all the young actors did so well. I look forward to seeing more productions at the theater and encourage parents who would like to have their children develop their performing skills to consider this fantastic drama school.


FS1/2/Year 1 School trip

The FS1/2/Year 1 students went on a lovely field trip to the new area in Daewangam this week and they had an awesome time. They explored the playgrounds and a truly sensory experience enjoying what is on offer at the new children’s center. Please enjoy these pictures of their amazing learning experience.

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Winter Cold bug

Finally, as is to be expected in the wintry weather, there is a cold going around affecting staff and students at the school. It is a minor bug but if you have not done so yet please visit a local doctor or clinic and get a flu shot to keep your body safe. If your children do feel a little under the weather, please stay home and rest for a day or two until you have recovered.


That is all for this week, thank you for your continued support and do keep warm this weekend.

Best regards,


Scott Kearney