Term 1 Week 5 Update

Well, it was another short week due to the typhoon. I hope you all stayed safe and dry during that terrible weather. We hit the road running on Tuesday when we got back to school. We finished looking at inside/outside by creating a town diorama we can play with our small world characters in.

Tuesday afternoon we started learning about bears, both fictional and real. We talked about bears we knew from stories like Paddington and Winnie the Pooh. That led into a discussion of what bears eat. We learned, like Pooh Bear, real bears eat honey. So, we all tasted some honey!

On Wednesday we continued learning about bears. We played a game where we had to steal a bear’s pot of honey (which was really jingling bells) and had to determine who in the group stole the bear’s honey! We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we made some bear paw print art!

On Thursday we had a very special day! We baked bread! We went shopping in the Hall for ingredients. We mixed and kneaded it ourselves. Ms. M baked it while the students were having their lunch break. Finally later in the afternoon we had a bread party! Why bread? Because bears eat honey and this was honey bread! We also learned some simple table manners and practiced setting a table. The students had a lot of fun!

Today we started Learning Block 4 by talking about silly words and other things that make us laugh. We practiced making silly faces and silly noises. Mr. Mole came back and we learned about puppets and ventriloquism. We tried our hand at speaking without moving our lips and quickly determined that was not easy at all! Then, we made paper bag puppets.

This week while the students were doing literacy and maths centres, I pulled them out of the class to assess their phonics knowledge individually. Everyone has been assessed and will be placed into a group for small-group phonics learning. Students are grouped by both knowledge and readiness. Some of the younger students are not yet ready to be practicing phonics and our program allows for that as it recommends starting the youngest students later in the year.

Regarding this week’s homework. Some websites that may be fun to use when searching about your child’s chosen animal are:
I hope that is some help to you!

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!