Term 3 Week 10 Update

Week 10! We’re almost there! I know so many of the children are getting tired and are ready for the break but we’ve had a great week and have one more exciting week to go.

For homework this week, some students brought home Read Write Inc. reading books. Please do those with them. As always, read your library books together. And in keeping with our theme in IEYC this week, have a look at your recycling! We learned where paper comes from and even made our own paper this week. Take a look at your recycling bins in the house and also any bins you may have in your apartment complex. Talk about the different materials the garbage is sorted into and what new products could be made from those recyclables. There’s lots of great information on YouTube about recycling plants. Perhaps watch one together and talk about what you learned. If you want to send photos of your recycling setup – either the one in your home or the one in your apartment complex, or both – feel free to send them to mariemcclellan@hyundaiforeignschool.com and we’ll look at them on our last sharing time next week.

Just a reminder that our Year-End Trip is on Tuesday. Permission forms and money needs to be submitted by Monday. You can find the permission form here: https://forms.gle/rPz52BJ9CngVooWd7 Although parents are coming along, it is still important for all students to wear their HFS shirts. I went to visit the park on Saturday and have determined their splash pad is open. If you think your child would have fun splashing in the water, please bring appropriate footwear and a change of clothes. There is a bathroom you can use to change in. It would also be helpful to bring a picnic mat if you have one.

It was so lovely meeting most of you this week for PTC. It was wonderful to get to chat with you about the excellent progress your children are making. Thank you for taking the time.

This week in IEYC we learned about recycling – paper specifically – and made our own paper. We learned where paper comes from originally (trees) but that we can’t keep cutting down trees every time we need new paper. We investigated theories on how we could help save the trees and had a hands-on lesson on papermaking. We also had a great outdoor visit with Happy Boat on Monday. We had a fun walk to the ice cream shop to get popsicles on Thursday for Treat Day. And we played extra games on Friday for Uber-Fun Day. We continued with phonics as well as Literacy and Maths Centres. We also had a great time in our tents for Read-In Day and everyone loved having their stuffed animals on S day.