HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 2

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COVID-19 Update

You should have received a new set of RAT tests on Friday. This will be the final set of test we will be sending home. From May students are no longer required to take weekly RAT tests.

On Friday the government announced that masks will not be required outside starting from May 1st. We just waiting for confirmation from the Ministry of Education regarding how this applies to schools. We are hoping that soon we may be able to allow students to remove their masks when playing outside. For the foreseeable future masks will still need to be worn inside school and on the bus. We will update you when we hear any news.

Hanmaeum Center Parking

Please remember that all cars visiting the Hanmaeum Center and the school need a visitors pass. Passes are available from the Admin Office upon submission of a car registration certificate and a refundable deposit of 20,000.

Class Photos

We would like to take class and individual photographs next Friday. We would like student to wear their red school shirt on this day.

Sport Day

Please remember at Sports Day is planned for Friday 13th May (Week 4). We will be going to Ulsan College and parents will be welcome to attend. We will arrive at around 9am and stay until after lunch. It should be a great day out!

Further details to follow.

Class Trips

Each class is planning a trip and you should receive details in the Class Update. Don’t forget to sign-up. It is great to finally be able to go on school trips again after be restricted for so long due to COVID.

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