HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 2

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Another great week of learning and fun!

It really feels like the year is in full swing now!

Curriculum Meetings

It was great to see so many parents at our curriculum meetings this Thursday. We hope you feel well informed about what our students will be learning this year.

Remember, teachers are always available for meetings, quick chats and questions.

Meetings can be arranged through the Admin office and you should have your child’s teacher’s email address.

  • Mr Green – dangreen@hyundaiforeignschool.com
  • Mr de Klerk – andredeklerk@hyundaiforeignschool.com
  • Mr Dunn – nathandunn@hyundaiforeignschool.com
  • Mrs Sim – leighemmasim@hyundaiforeignschool.com
  • Ms McClellan – mariemcclellan@hyundaiforeignschool.com

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of parents and teachers who organise events for the students and help the school.

If you would like to be involved with the PTA this year please send us an email.

We are looking for some ideas and help with a Halloween event for the students.

Scholastic Book Clubs

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running and the kids will have brought a catalogue home on Friday.

Go to this website to browse the latest books and order online. 

Please place your order online by Friday 17th September

The books will be delivered to the school.

Creativity at HFS

Don’t forget to have a look at the wonderful Art happening at HFS.

Miss Yuli posts updates every Friday on her Art page


Lots of students are really enjoying doing extra maths outside the classroom using Mathletics. This week students from HFS did over 24 hours of extra maths learning using Mathletics. Each week in assembly we celebrate the students and classes that get the most points. Who will be the top students and the top class next week?

Library Helpers Meeting

We could use some help with the never-ending job of keeping the library tidy and looking great for the kids. If you have some free time and would like to help out in the library we are inviting you for a quick meeting on Friday next week (10th) at 2:30 pm. Here we can show you how the different library systems work and what jobs need doing. Even volunteering for half an hour a week to tidy and shelf books would be a great help and is a great way to be more involved with the school. Thank you.

Great Learning Happening