Newsletter 2020/21 Term 1 Week 8

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Dear Parents,

The leaves are turning as we head into mid-Autumn and the weather begins to chill. These are the newsworthy items that I wish to share with you this week

Welcome to HFS, Seoa Kim

I am pleased to welcome a new student, Seoa Kim, to the Year 2-3 class. It is always wonderful to have new members in the HFS community and Seoa has quickly shown that she is an intelligent and diligent student. I am sure she will be happy in her time at HFS.

Call for Donations of Candy for Scary Dress-up Day

On Friday 30 October HFS will have its annual Scary Dress-Up Day Celebration. Students are encouraged to wear spooky, creepy costumes in the spirit of the day. Each class will vote on the best class costume and then the school will select the best costumes from the finalists. Sweet treats are a big part of what makes this holiday fun and enjoyable and we are calling on parents to make donations of sweets, chocolates or candy to be shared across the school on the day. If you would like to donate some items please drop them in the basket at the admin office. Thank you for your support with this event.

Alteration to Term Planner – Day-off Switched from 6 November to 20 November

HFS will soon undergo its CIS evaluation inspection. As part of this inspection, there will be a review workshop on Friday 20 November. The workshop will take the entire day and all staff will be involved and as such we are unable to have lessons on that day. Originally this was scheduled on the calendar and term planner to be on Friday 6 November. The date has now shifted to Friday 20 November. The school will be closed for the day and no lessons will take place. Thank you for your understanding in this regard. Links to the updated Academic Calendar and the Term 1 Planner can be found below.

– Academic Calendar ☞ Click here

– Term 1 Planner ☞ Click here

Farewell, Ashleigh and Juveria

Finally, we sadly wish farewell to Ashleigh Coquia Herd and Juveria Maulana as they leave HFS this week. Both of them have been at HFS for quite a number of years and their absence will be felt. We wish them and their families health, luck, and happiness on their journeys and would like them to know that, should they return, they will always have a place at HFS.

That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney