Newsletter 2019/20 Term 3 Week 4

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Dear Parents,


I am pleased that HFS will be reopening for in-class teaching in its first stage next week. While we are facing a challenging and unprecedented situation in terms of how we approach schooling, I would like to assure all parents that the staff at HFS are well prepared in dealing with this “new-normal”. I am certain that if all the protocols are adhered to, we should overcome this trial by working together.



Disclaimer Regarding Reopening of the School


In last week’s newsletter, the HFS Covid-19 Protocol for Reopening the school was outlined and a hardcopy was sent to parents. I do hope that you have taken time to familiarize yourself with the procedures and measures that were explained in the notification. HFS requires all parents to read and agree to a disclaimer regarding the measures that will be put in place to ensure that the school is a safe and hygienic place of teaching and learning for all. Please click here to complete the form and submit your response by no later than Tuesday 26 May. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.



FS 1-2 and Year 1-2 to Start In-class Learning from Wednesday 27 May


The school has been far too quiet until now and I will be happy to see the school once again be active with early years and year 1-2 students from Wednesday 27 May. The school bus will be in operation in the morning and the afternoon as per the regular schedule. If you have signed up for your child to take the school bus but prefer not to use it for any reason, please inform the school admin office. Parents are reminded to send all material and equipment to school with their child on the first day of learning to use in class. The school will provide students with 2 sealed, reusable facemasks but parents are required to send their child to school with a face mask until students can receive their allocated masks. Parents must label the masks clearly with their child’s name after receiving them on the first day so that no student uses another child’s mask.



Learning Materials Delivery


This afternoon HFS will once again send the silver school van to deliver learning materials for next week’s online learning. The van will depart the school at 3:30 pm and follow the regular school bus route. Please be at your designated stop at the scheduled time to collect your child’s learning materials.



That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful weekend.



Mr. Kearney