14-Day Mandatory Self-Isolation for Individuals Returning from Overseas

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Dear Parents,


I am pleased to report that Korea’s efficient and far-reaching response is proving effective in slowly bringing the Covid-19 outbreak under control.


After assessing the latest developments of the virus’ rapid spread to many countries around the world, the Ministry of Education has stipulated a 14-day self-isolation protocol for those students who have returned from overseas trips to prevent further spread of the virus and to ensure the safety of the children in schools. Following these guidelines, HFS is enforcing a mandatory 14-Day self-isolation period for anyone who has traveled out of the country during the school closure lasting until 3 April.


The 14-day self-isolation should commence from the day that one arrives in Korea and last for a full 14 days. In the interest of maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for all at HFS, please inform the school admin office at admin@hyundaiforeignschool.com of the following as soon as possible:

  • The date on which you have returned from overseas, in case you have travelled abroad
  • The date on which you are planning to arrive back in Korea in case you have not yet returned


HFS requires your cooperation in obtaining the above information to create a safe environment for all at the school.  Please rest assured that arrangements will be made to assist your child with learning, should they need to be self-isolated.


Thank you for your support and understanding as we overcome this crisis.


Best regards,



Mr. Kearney