Newsletter 2019/20 Term 1 Week 12

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Dear Parents,


The time of year to don jackets, scarves and gloves has arrived. After the sudden burst of cold this week it seems winter is beginning to set in. Please ensure that your child is adequately dressed to meet the winter weather every day and please label your child’s clothes clearly should their clothing get misplaced. These are the items for this week’s newsletter.



HFS Spelling Bee Finals


It was an evening of excitement and tension as the brave contestants stepped up to spell a selection of challenging words. We applaud all who boldly chose to participate in the early elimination rounds and congratulate those who made it to the final round on Wednesday. The words that they had to spell were difficult but they rose to meet the challenge. Congratulations to the Winners: Dave Gomes in the Year 5-9 class, Jeremy Philip in the Year 3-4 class and Caroline Simpson in the Year 1-2 class and well done to our finalists and runners up Dhanya, Jeongwoo, Aki, Reyansh, Cherry Blossom, Juveria and Minel. You all performed exceptionally well. Thank you to all the parents and students who came to support our contestants. I am pleased to say that it was another successful event hosted by HFS. Please enjoy these pictures from the evening’s proceedings.

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Year 5-9 Trip to Padosori Coastal Path


On Wednesday 20 November the Year 5-9 class are fortunate to have a trip to the Padosori Coastal Path in Gyeongju. This will tie in to their IPC/IMYC unit on landscapes and weather and they will be looking at coastal landscapes to understand how landscapes are formed and change over time. Thank you to all for completing the online permission form. The bus will depart promptly at 09:20 am and return by 1:40 pm so that club activities for the day will not be affected. It promises to be a uniquely rewarding learning experience for the students.



HFS Personal Property Policy


I have noticed a few students bringing toys to school recently and am sending a gentle reminder of the HFS Personal Property Policy outlined in the Parent Handbook. Students are not allowed to bring toys, jewellery accessories and electronic devices to school. Toys and devices that are brought to school will be kept by the teacher and returned at the end of the school day. Toys, smart watches and phones will only be allowed to accompany students on school trips where their care will be the responsibility of the student. Teachers may request that students bring in toys or electronic devices for specific learning activities such as “Show and Tell” or ICT classes but parents will be informed in advance and the use of the items will be regulated. This policy serves to prevent loss or damage to students’ personal items as well as any conflicts that may arise as a result of students bringing personal items to school. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.



Winter Show Baking for the PTA


The annual HFS Winter show is rapidly approaching and one of the traditions is for parents from the HFS community to bake a selection of cookies, cakes and goodies for sale as refreshments and snacks for the evening of Thursday 5 December. If you would like to prepare a food item to help with the PTA for the evening please email me at and detail the item that you will bake. All proceeds will go to the HFS PTA and their fundraising for the school yearbook. Your assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.

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Finally, I am so proud of the HFS Global Warming Committee for their continued efforts in caring for their environment. Yesterday we planted a number of trees at Myeongdeok reservoir to show that HFS is indeed environmentally aware. As we all know, trees are the lungs of our planet. Well done guys.


That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend, keep warm and thank you for your continued support.



Mr. Kearney