Newsletter 2019/20 Term 1 Week 4

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Dear Parents,


We have had a week of sunshine and warmth and it has been wonderful. As you are no doubt aware, this weekend a typhoon is set to land in Ulsan. The weather looks to be wet and windy and I hope you will be safe and sheltered as you brace for its contact. There are a number of newsworthy items that I would like to share with you this week.



Maximilien Gaudray Returning Home

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It has been our pleasure having Maximilien in the Year 5 – 9 class this past week. He immediately made himself a part of the HFS community and got along swimmingly with his classmates and the rest of the school. We hope you have enjoyed your brief stay at HFS, Maximilien. We wish you all the best as you return home and want you to know that you are always welcome to return to our school. Farewell Maximilien!



Year 3 – 9 Trip to the Ulsan Promenade Festival

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It was an exciting day of art and culture as the year 3 – 9 students enjoyed an outing to the Ulsan Promenade Festival at Taehwagang Park today. We enjoyed the sunshine and the students got to play in the newly erected play area before having lunch at the riverside. We engaged with the interesting stalls on display and viewed some fantastic performances before returning to school. A thoroughly enjoyable excursion it was.



HFS PTA Meeting on Monday 23 September at 3:30 pm


We will have our first Parent Teacher Association meeting on Monday 23 November at 3:30 pm. The PTA is a treasured and crucial element to any school and I encourage any parent who wishes to participate to attend. There will be much to discuss as it is our first meeting and I am excited to be working alongside the parents in the many initiatives and events that we have planned for the rest of the year. I look forward to seeing you there.



Whole School Trip to Monet Exhibition


I am pleased to announce that on Friday 27 September at 2 pm we will treat all of the students to an afternoon of fine art and creativity as we take a trip to the HHI Arts Center. On display is a collection of works from the famous and celebrated artist Claude Monet in an exhibition entitled “Light and Soul”. The students will get the opportunity to see and engage with the work of this 19th century pioneer of the impressionist art movement and, as an extra bonus, see some of his pieces digitized into animations. It is important for students to be exposed to significant art as part of their learning journey and we are fortunate to have such a fabulous and stimulating resource so close at hand. HFS is committed to ensuring that students get the most out of their educational experience and I am sure the students will enjoy it. Please click here to complete the online permission form so that your child can attend the trip.



That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do stay comfortable and secure this weekend.



Mr. Kearney