Newsletter 2018/19 Term 3 Week 2

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Dear Parents,


I do hope that you are enjoying the sunshine now that the spell of rain has passed as we complete our second week of term 3. There are a few items I am happy to share with you this week but first I would like to remind you that the school will be closed on Monday 6 May in honor of Children’s Day on Sunday 5 May. Please enjoy your extended weekend and celebrate your children in this wonderful May weather.



HHI Art Gallery Trip


Today the whole school paid a visit to the HHI art gallery to see the superb exhibition of children’s books by different authors from around the world. I am proud that we, as a school, can engage with the cultural products in our community for the benefit of our students. It was wonderful to see the collection of fantastic children’s books on display and the different styles definitely got the creative juices flowing.

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The students from, FS 1 to year 9, enjoyed interacting with the works on display and participating in the related activities as part of the experience. An enjoyable time was had by everyone and I am looking forward to the creative output that the students produce as a result of this excursion.



Green Day Park Clean-up


A few students put forward the suggestion that we have a “Green Day” to nurture and show respect for our environment and to celebrate the recent “Earth Day” Next week, on Friday 10 May, we will do this with a planned outing to Daewangam Park to do a clean-up. I am glad that we can continue to practice environmental responsibility and take advantage of the fine weather and the beautiful Ulsan surrounds. Children will be encouraged to wear something green on the day to be in tune with nature and we will have lunch at Dragon Park followed by a walk through the park picking up any litter we find on the way and ending with some treats and playtime in the park. I am proud that the HFS students always display such excellent character and show themselves to be outstanding global citizens. Please join us at 12:30 at Daewangam Park on Friday 10 May for a fun-filled nature excursion.



Spring Day Tickets Pre-order Form

 Spring Festival Banner

On Saturday 11 May HFS will have a Spring festival of fun and games hosted by the PTA at the Hanmaeum center gymnasium. There are a host of exciting games, activities, raffles and treats for your children to enjoy. To participate they will require tickets and you may have noticed that a pre-order form came home with your child today. If you would like to pre-order tickets, please complete the tear-off section of the form and send it with the payment to school with your child by Thursday 9th May. Pre-order tickets are discounted to 25 tickets for 10,000 Won thereafter they can be purchased at the festival for 20 tickets for 10,000 Won. I look forward to seeing you there!


Also, thank you for the donations of used items for our “treasure and trinkets” stall but do keep them coming. If you are doing your Spring tidying up and wish to get rid of any books, toys or trinkets please drop them off at the admin office. I assure you that they will spark joy for someone else if they don’t for you anymore.



Residential Trip Permission Form and Payment Balance


The upcoming Year 4–9 residential trip to Busan and surrounding areas promises to be a marvelous experience and thank you to all for signing up. As a formality and as is school policy it is necessary for you to complete the online permission form to allow your child to attend. You can complete the form by clicking here. Please complete and submit it by no later than Friday 10 May. Please also send the 200,000 Won balance of payment for the trip to the school by Friday 10 May. This is necessary to reserve spaces for some of the exciting activities that the teachers and staff have arranged as part of the trip. I hope you are excited since it is only 3 weeks away.



That brings us to the end of this week’s update. Thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful extended weekend with plenty of sunshine.


Best regards,



Scott Kearney