Newsletter 2017/18 Term 3 Week 12

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Dear Parents,

We are in the final few weeks of term 2 and I hope you are enjoying the peak of the cherry blossoms in full bloom as you eagerly make your holiday plans. There are a few announcements that I would like to share with you regarding the end-of-term activities.


Poetry Day Proceedings
KakaoTalk_20190329_093717863 KakaoTalk_20190329_093717373

A small but significant occasion was noted this week as HFS celebrated International Poetry Day. Each class chose to acknowledge the day in different ways, from nursery rhymes to performance poetry and written work we tapped into our inner bards and got our poetic juices flowing as we took note of this global event.


Term 3 Invoices Sent Home

On Monday you may have noticed that your child brought an invoice for the Term 3 fees home with them. If you received one, please review it and make payment as usual. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the admin office for clarification. Thank you for your support in this regard.


Term 2 Progress Reports Sent Home Today

A vital part of schooling is monitoring the progress that your child makes in their learning. Today teachers sent home the Term 2 student progress reports. Please check their bags to ensure that you have received one. If not please contact the admin office or their class teacher. The progress reports are vital for informing parents about your child’s educational development and identifying any concerns or achievements they may have made. Please complete the parent’s comments section in the report and bring it with you to the parent teacher conferences on Wednesday 3 April.


Parent Teacher Conferences on Wednesday 3 April

Liaising with teachers is an important part of being informed about your child’s educational progress and on Wednesday 3rd April we will have the termly parent teacher conferences. If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher, even if just to say hello, please reserve a time by filling out the interview booking sheet at the admin office by Monday 1 April. The interviews will take place throughout the day, commencing from 11:30 am for the F1/2 Y1 and Year 2-3 classes and 1:30 for the Year 4/5/6 class. The Year 7/8/9 class will have their interviews from 3:30 pm. I look forward to seeing you all there.


End of Term Assembly 

Finally, on Friday 5 April we will have our End of Term assembly. The students will showcase elements of the learning that they have covered this term and we will give out awards and commendations. I have it on good authority that there are a number of special items on the agenda of this assembly so please join us from 11:30 am on Friday 5 April as we bid farewell to term 2 in true HFS style. School will end at 12:30 pm on the day as per normal for the end of term. A gentle reminder that there will be no club activities during the final week of term. The school bus will depart at 3:30 pm from Monday to Thursday and at 12:30 pm on Friday 5 April.


Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful weekend.

Best Regards,


Scott Kearney