HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 2 Week 6

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Dear Parents,

A full week of teaching, learning and special events has once again flown by at HFS. There are a number of exciting events in the weeks ahead about which I would like to inform you. Firstly, allow me to press upon parents the value of wholesome, hearty lunches. I have noticed that children have been regularly eating fast-food at meal times and, while it is a parent’s prerogative as to what they serve their children for lunch at HFS we strongly support and encourage the philosophy, “Healthy Food, Healthy Future.”


Year 2/3 Science Assembly
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Well done to the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class for the impressive displays of electricity and thank you to the parents who attended, it really means a lot to the students when parents take an interest in viewing their performances and presentations. They entertained us thoroughly by showing off what they have been learning about in science this term.


Valentine’s Day Bake Sale 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

Well done to Ms. McClellan and the HFS Student Council for the hard work they put into the Valentine’s Day Bake Sale yesterday. Sacrificing their break-times to plan, bake and decorate cookies, and make posters paid off literally and they were able to raise 164,000 Won on for the WeHope charity fund. Thank you to all who supported the sale and especially to those who donated goodies to be sold. I think we can all agree; the cookies were delicious.


Year 2-9 Trip to Busan National Science Museum

A final, gentle reminder of the Year 2-9 trip to Busan National Science Museum on Thursday 21st February. It promises to be a fascinating and rewarding excursion, not to mention fun and exciting to play with all the gadgets and see scientific principles that have been learned being put into practice. It will be a full-day outing, with the students returning by 3:30 pm so that after-school activities will not be disrupted. Parents are reminded to pack a snack, lunch and water bottle and ensure that their children are wearing comfortable shoes. If you have not completed the online permission form to allow your child to attend please do so by clicking here, thank you.


International Food Share on Thursday 28 February

International mindedness is one of the core values at HFS and we celebrate this annually with an International food share event organized by the parents of the HFS community. If you would like to prepare an item of food from your country for the children to sample on Thursday 28 February, please send an email to pta@hyundaiforeignschool.com (and cc admin@hyundaiforeignschool.com) detailing the dish you will prepare and if you have any special requirements. Please ensure that there is enough for all students to have a small sample and remember or “No Nut” policy when preparing your delicious dishes.


HFS Policy regarding Collection of Children

The safety of your children is always our topmost concern at HFS and as such I must make clear the HFS policy regarding the collection of children from HFS during and after school and club-activities. Children must be collected from the school by a parent or guardian, or, if a child will be collected late please notify the office and they are welcome to wait at the school library while staff are around to supervise them. Children will not be allowed to roam in the public foyer or parking area downstairs for their own safety. If this is inconvenient or you feel your child should be allowed to wait unsupervised please complete and sign a waiver from the admin office.


I am happy to announce that on Tuesday February 19th we will be celebrating 100 Days of teaching at HFS for this year in its new incarnation at Hanmaeum Center. The FS1/2 and Year 1 class have been diligently counting the days that they have been at school and we have finally reached this important milestone. I look forward to many more days of teaching and learning at HFS.

Thank you for your continued support and please have a warm and cheerful weekend.


Best Regards,
Scott Kearney