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HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 2 Week 8

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Dear Parents,

Another week has passed us by as we approach the end of term 2. This week has been devoted to sharing and expressing our understanding of what it means to be part of a global community. I am pleased that HFS has staged many successful events this year over and above the teaching and learning that takes place at the school. We still have a few noteworthy occasions to cover before the term ends.


International Day

I am pleased to report that the International Day program was a huge success. International mindedness is one of the core values at HFS. We are truly lucky to have such a diverse group that makes up the HFS community and it is important to celebrate this diversity. The students reflected their countries in creative and decorative traditional dress. Parents out did themselves with the banquet of cuisine from all over the world and the outstanding student presentations revealed the hard work that the students have put into their projects over the last few weeks. Thank you and well done to everyone who made the day a success. Please enjoy these pictures from the day’s proceedings.

12 3 5 IMG_36064IMG_3618 IMG_3632



International Book Day Dress-Up


From Dr. Seuss to Shakespeare we love to plunge into the pages of a good book. Thursday March 7th is international book day and we will continue the HFS tradition of celebrating the occasion by dressing up as characters from our favorite stories. So If your child is a Harry Potter fan dust off the wand and broom or let them come as a hobbit or as Alice in Wonderland, get creative and let them show off their favorite literary character as we celebrate that “readers are leaders” at HFS.


HFS Parents Survey

I am happy to report that HFS has been operating splendidly over the last 6 months in its new existence at the Hanmaeum center. As the group that makes that existence possible we would like to hear your honest and valued opinion regarding the facilities, staff and teaching and learning at HFS as you have experienced it over the last year. Please take a moment to complete and submit this brief survey since your feedback will allow us to see areas in which we need to improve as well as our strengths. I would like to assure you that the survey is anonymous and no information or data will be shared. Please submit your response by Friday 15 March. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.

Click Here to go to the survey


 Farewell to Winston Lee and Jinmyeong Seo


Finally, with great sadness we must say farewell to Winston Lee and Jinmyeong Seo as they depart from HFS to attend Korean school. I have enjoyed teaching Winston since year 3 and I am proud of the diligent, talented and responsible young man that he has become. Jinmyeong has always proven to be a take-charge individual and her mature attitude will carry her a long way. We wish them the best of luck in the next step of their school careers and want them to know that they will be missed.


The school will be closed tomorrow in honor of the holiday acknowledging the March 1st Korean Independence Movement. Have a restful extended weekend and thank you for your continued support.


Best regards



Mr. Scott Kearney

HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 2 Week 7

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Dear Parents,

We have passed the half-way mark of the term and of this fantastic year at HFS in is new incarnation and are still going strong. I am proud that every week brings a new and exciting event and occasion for the school to celebrate and enjoy teaching and learning. This week was no exception.


100 Days of Learning at HFS
0 1 2

We have reached an important milestone at HFS this week; 100 Days of learning at the school in its new location at the Hanmaeum center. Each class celebrated the day in their own way. Credit must go to Ms. McClellan and the FS1/2-Y1 class for making the most out of the day. Well done to all students, parents and staff for making it possible for us to achieve this and I look forward to many more days of teaching and learning at HFS.


Busan National Science Museum Trip
Busan Science Museum (0)
20190221_114544 BSM 1 BSM 2 BSM 3

The Year 2 to 9 students enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Busan National Science Museum. There is a wealth of interactive exhibits about different areas of science for the children to explore. From forces and aeronautics to dancing robots and even simulated walking on the moon, everyone had an amazing time at the museum. It was a hugely successful trip and I am glad that the students were able to see a lot of the scientific principles that they have been learning about being enacted in interactive installations.


International Week Presentation and Food Share

As is tradition at HFS we will celebrate one of our core values with a week dedicated to international mindedness. On Thursday 28 February we will have our international food-share event staged by the HFS PTA. If you would like to prepare a dish from your country to serve on the day please email the PTA at and detail what you would like to prepare, (remember to make sufficient serving for the HFS community). We will have the International Food-Share at 12:00 pm and the students will deliver their International Week Presentations at 1:30 in the hall. Join us for a celebration of the diverse community that constitutes HFS.


School closed on Friday, 1st March

The school will be closed on Friday 1st March in Honor of the holiday acknowledging the Korean Independence Movement. I hope you can all have an enjoyable long-weekend break and appreciate time with family and friends.


Farewell to Olivia McCarthy


Finally, on a sad note, we must bid farewell to our year 2 student, Olivia McCarthy. We wish her and her family the best of luck and happiness as they embark on the next leg of their journey. I know Olivia will do well wherever she lands. Olivia is extremely creative, taking part in violin club as well as skating and acting in her spare time. It had been a pleasure having her in my class this year and as a student at HFS these past few years. Good luck Olivia! We will miss you.


That is all for this week, thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful weekend.


Mr. Scott Kearney

HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 2 Week 6

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Dear Parents,

A full week of teaching, learning and special events has once again flown by at HFS. There are a number of exciting events in the weeks ahead about which I would like to inform you. Firstly, allow me to press upon parents the value of wholesome, hearty lunches. I have noticed that children have been regularly eating fast-food at meal times and, while it is a parent’s prerogative as to what they serve their children for lunch at HFS we strongly support and encourage the philosophy, “Healthy Food, Healthy Future.”


Year 2/3 Science Assembly
뉴스레터 (1) 뉴스레터 (2) 뉴스레터 (3) 뉴스레터 (4)

Well done to the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class for the impressive displays of electricity and thank you to the parents who attended, it really means a lot to the students when parents take an interest in viewing their performances and presentations. They entertained us thoroughly by showing off what they have been learning about in science this term.


Valentine’s Day Bake Sale 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

Well done to Ms. McClellan and the HFS Student Council for the hard work they put into the Valentine’s Day Bake Sale yesterday. Sacrificing their break-times to plan, bake and decorate cookies, and make posters paid off literally and they were able to raise 164,000 Won on for the WeHope charity fund. Thank you to all who supported the sale and especially to those who donated goodies to be sold. I think we can all agree; the cookies were delicious.


Year 2-9 Trip to Busan National Science Museum

A final, gentle reminder of the Year 2-9 trip to Busan National Science Museum on Thursday 21st February. It promises to be a fascinating and rewarding excursion, not to mention fun and exciting to play with all the gadgets and see scientific principles that have been learned being put into practice. It will be a full-day outing, with the students returning by 3:30 pm so that after-school activities will not be disrupted. Parents are reminded to pack a snack, lunch and water bottle and ensure that their children are wearing comfortable shoes. If you have not completed the online permission form to allow your child to attend please do so by clicking here, thank you.


International Food Share on Thursday 28 February

International mindedness is one of the core values at HFS and we celebrate this annually with an International food share event organized by the parents of the HFS community. If you would like to prepare an item of food from your country for the children to sample on Thursday 28 February, please send an email to (and cc detailing the dish you will prepare and if you have any special requirements. Please ensure that there is enough for all students to have a small sample and remember or “No Nut” policy when preparing your delicious dishes.


HFS Policy regarding Collection of Children

The safety of your children is always our topmost concern at HFS and as such I must make clear the HFS policy regarding the collection of children from HFS during and after school and club-activities. Children must be collected from the school by a parent or guardian, or, if a child will be collected late please notify the office and they are welcome to wait at the school library while staff are around to supervise them. Children will not be allowed to roam in the public foyer or parking area downstairs for their own safety. If this is inconvenient or you feel your child should be allowed to wait unsupervised please complete and sign a waiver from the admin office.


I am happy to announce that on Tuesday February 19th we will be celebrating 100 Days of teaching at HFS for this year in its new incarnation at Hanmaeum Center. The FS1/2 and Year 1 class have been diligently counting the days that they have been at school and we have finally reached this important milestone. I look forward to many more days of teaching and learning at HFS.

Thank you for your continued support and please have a warm and cheerful weekend.


Best Regards,
Scott Kearney


HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 2 Week 5

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Dear Parents


I hope you had a delightful Seollal break. The weather is slowly warming as winter wanes and spring inches closer. There are quite a few announcements I would like to share even though it has been a short week.


Art Gallery Trip

KakaoTalk_20190208_154825063KakaoTalk_20190208_150605314 KakaoTalk_20190208_150605916 KakaoTalk_20190208_150607604 KakaoTalk_20190208_150608701

The students enjoyed an eye-opening trip to the Hyundai Art gallery to see the exhibition on Graffiti art. It is important to expose children to different forms of art and, in this case, ensure they understand the difference between damaging property and making a creative statement. I look forward to seeing the creative output that the students produce as a result of this trip.


Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

Cookies spelling bake sale

Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated as a day of expressing affection between people. At HFS we want to acknowledge the day with a bake sale organized by Ms. McClellan and the HFS Student Council. There will be sweet goodies on sale at lunchtime so be sure to send a few thousand Won with your child on Thursday, February 14th so that they may purchase a sweet treat for themselves or a special someone. All proceeds will go to the WeHope Charity. If you would like to bake some cookies or cupcakes to sell on the day, please feel free to do so and contact Ms. McClellan to inform her of what you will make and in what quantity.


Scholastic Book Club Orders


Scholastic offers a vast range of books to enthrall children of any age and if you would like to take advantage of the discounts they offer please visit the website and see what is available. Please complete your online orders by no later than Sunday, February 10th. The orders will then be delivered to the school and distributed to parents accordingly. At HFS we firmly believe “readers are leaders” so do take advantage of this outstanding bargain.


Year 2-9 trip to Busan National Science Museum and Planetarium


Science is fun. Science is curiosity. We all have natural curiosity. Science is a process of investigating. It’s posing questions and coming up with a method to answer them. At HFS we take every opportunity to allow our students to experience and see the value of what they are learning applied to the real world and as part of their learning units on the solar system, forces and electricity, the year 2 to 9 students will have a trip to the Busan National Science Museum and Planetarium on Thursday 21st February. It will be a full-day trip, returning by 3:30 pm but after-school activities will not be affected and will run as per normal on the day. Please indicate if you will allow your child to be a part of this valuable learning experience by clicking on the online permission form here.

That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful weekend.


Best Regards,



Scott Kearney


HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 2 Week 4

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Dear Parents

We are almost half-way through term two and the school will be closed from February 4th to 6th in commemoration of Seollal, the Korean Lunar New Year Holiday. We were lucky to have a pinch of snow this week and fortunate that it did not interfere with our Seollal celebrations.


Seollal festivities and activities


The highlight of this week was undoubtedly the spectacular Seollal celebration on Wednesday. We cheekily chose to commemorate this holiday early and it was a fun-filled day of awesome activities.

3 4 5 6

Thank you to the staff for preparing the delicious Tteok that was enjoyed by all. I was impressed with each class’s contribution to the assembly, well done to all our hard-working students.

7 8 9 10

The activities were entertaining and exciting. I never get tired of playing the traditional Korean games, Jegi-chagi is my favorite. The spectacle of the children’s flying kites was truly a sight to behold. Please enjoy photos from the day by viewing our Facebook page here.


Scholastic Book order


At HFS we believe that readers are leaders and take every opportunity to stimulate children’s imaginations with reading a good book. Scholastic offers a wealth of reading material to capture your child’s mind so please take a moment to browse the scholastic book catalogue and place orders online by clicking here. There is a treasure trove of books on offer for your child and I am sure that you can find a few that they would enjoy, regardless of their age. This is a gentle reminder that the scholastic book order must be submitted by no later than Sunday February 10th.


Term Planner Updated

At HFS we believe in acknowledging significant and important dates and we mark them on our term planner for your convenience. This has been updated to include our Valentine’s Day Bake Sale on Thursday 14th February. This event is being organized by our Student Council and Ms. McClellan. Another important day is International Book Day on Thursday March 7th, when students will be encouraged to dress as their favorite literary character. We will also be holding a Pajama Dress-up day on Friday March 15th when students may come to school in their pajamas (for a small fee that will go towards a worthy cause). These promise to be fun events for all.

Click here to see the Term 2 Planner.


HHI Art Gallery Trip


Art stimulates the mind and gets one’s creative juices flowing. HHI art gallery currently has an eye-opening exhibition about graffiti artists on display. We would like to visit the exhibition on Friday 8 February and let the children engage with some fascinating contemporary urban artworks. The trip is open to Year 2 to year 9 students and will take place after from 1:30 until 3:00 pm. After-school club activities on the day will not be disrupted. To allow your child to attend please complete the online permission form by clicking here. Responses must be submitted by Wednesday 6 February.

That is all for this week, thank you for your continued support and do have a cheerful and enjoyable Seollal break.

Best Regards,


Scott Kearney

HFS Knitting Club Notice

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Dear Parents,


Some of the knitting club students have taken their knitting home for the holidays. Since I can’t be there to help, here are some video links to help them remember the stitches.


How to knit:


And this is a closeup video:


If they need to start over from the beginning, this is how you get the yarn onto the needles:


Please make sure everyone brings their knitting back to school on Thursday. We will have knitting club.




Marie McClellan