Newsletter 2017/18 Term 2 Week 12

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Dear Parents,

It has been a super term and we want to thank all of you for your support.  We hope you enjoyed the Final Assembly Celebration this morning.  Enjoy the pictures.


Please use the link to see the term 2 end video clip.



We are sure the student will enjoy the books they were given at the assembly today. Students should be ready to discuss their books with their teacher and classmates when they return to school after the holiday.


School Resumption

Students will return to school on April 16th.


After School Activities


Clubs and Activities will begin immediately when we return in April.  Be sure to sign up using the link today!!!  Math Puzzles and Investigations  is only for students from Year 3-6.


Term 3 School Planner

Please use the link to read the school planner for the third term.  It looks like and exciting final term of the year!


Air Quality Index

You may be aware that the Korean Ministry of Education has recently changed the scale used to determine the air quality in Korea.  An average reading of PM 2.5 was 16-50 and 51-100 was considered bad.  Now, an average reading would be from 16-35 and a bad reading would be from 36-75. 

We will use the old scale.  You do have the option to have your child kept indoors for breaks under the new guidelines as we will have break indoors and outdoors.  If you want your child kept inside under the new guidelines, please see the link.  This survey should be completed by April 6th.


Thank You,


Peter McLeod