Term 2 Week 10 Update

Wow! We’ve almost made it! I can’t believe there’s only one week to go until our Spring Break!

Our trip to the Happy Boat Kindergarten was an absolute success. We had such a great time meeting new friends. I was so proud of many of the Happy Boat children who practiced and introduced themselves to us in English! What a welcoming experience. This exchange program will be a monthly event with us visiting them sometimes and their school coming to visit our school other times. I will let you know closer to April’s date when we are going again.

But that surely wasn’t the only fun we had this week! We learned lots about sea animals. The children had a very fun time learning about whales. We listened to a song from my childhood, Baby Beluga, and ordered different types of whales by size. We also made a fun paper plate whale craft. That was an excellent exercise with our fine motor skills.

We also learned a lot about SCUBA diving. We made our own SCUBA masks and tanks and then went on a dive in the corridors looking for sea animals. We brought those sea animals back to our class and used them to talk about some feelings like being sad and scared. We brainstormed things we could do when we felt that way in order to feel better.

In Phonics we looked at QU, NG, and NK. The last two are very tricky. We’ll be reviewing digraphs for the rest of this term and begin next term beginning to blend letters and start READING! How exciting! It’s been wonderful watching the children’s literacy skills blossom this year.

That’s all for this week. Have a restful weekend and come in refreshed and ready for our last week of the term!