HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 11

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Thank you and Happy Holiday!

A big thank you from me to everyone in our school community for another great year.

  • Thank you to all the staff for their hard work and dedication to providing the highest standards of international education
  • Thank you to our parents for your support and for trusting us with your child’s education.
  • Thank you to our outstanding students for all your hard work and for making HFS a happy place to be

I wish everyone in our community a happy, safe and healthy summer holiday.

We will be back in August for another exciting year!

Mr Green

Lunch Boxes

Unfortunately, we didn’t get enough families to show interest in the new lunch box service to make it viable so therefore it won’t be happening at this stage. We haven’t given up on this and will continue to explore other options.

New School Branding

From Term 1 2023/24 the school will begin using a new logo and branding. You will start to see this branding everywhere, but it might take a while for the old logo and branding to be fully replaced. There is no need to buy new uniform, unless you want to.


If you missed out on ordering the Yearbook or would like to order an additional copy, kindly reach out to the Admin Office before 30 June. The price for a single copy is 28,000 won, as there is no discount available for this individual order. Please contact the Admin Office to place your order.

Digital files for the photos used in the Yearbook are here.

Term 1 Invoices

Term 1 invoices were issued on Thursday and either sent home with the student or sent directly to a site office.

Please contact the Admin Office if you have any questions.

Admin Office During the Holidays

The Admin Office will be open between 8 am and 3 pm during the school holidays.

School Consultative Group Meeting Minutes

Thank you to the parent who attended the School Consultative Group Meeting on Thursday.

Here is a copy of the presentation made by Mr Green.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th September.

External Providers of After-School Activities

We would be interested to hear from anyone interested in running an after-school activity at HFS.

Currently, we have Mr Jouini running a Sports Club on Mondays and Swimming lessons happening on Thursdays. Next year we will be adding a Dance Club and we would be interested to hear from anyone who could offer more activities to our students.

If you know anyone who would be interested in this opportunity we would be happy to arrange a chat.

Please note – All external providers of after-school activities are vetted by the school and provided with a space to run their activity. The external provider is responsible for all arrangements made with families and the setting and collecting of fees. The school monitors all external providers of after-school activities and they are subject to our Child Protection and Safeguarding policies.

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