Newsletter 2020/21 Term 3 Week 10

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday 24th June for Mr Green, Mr Dunn and Mr de Klerks classes. Mr de Klerk will be available for meetings.

Ms McClellan will be available for meetings on Tuesday 22nd June.

Please use this form to book an appointment

We would like to do as many appointments as possible on these days, but if you cannot attend, we are happy to make other arrangements.

Term 3 reports will be sent home on Tuesday 22nd June

Gyeongju World Trip

Thank you to everyone for signing so quickly for the Gyeongju World Trip. Here are a few extra details for you:

  • Students will need to wear their school uniform shirt, blue or red
  • We are allowed to bring food into the part so students can bring a packed lunch
  • A sensible amount of spending money is allowed.
  • We will not be taking any parent helpers on this trip. Thank you for all the kind offers of help but we have sufficient staff to cover the trip and we would like to stay well within COVID-19 restrictions on numbers
  • Please remember hats and sunscreen

Yearbook Cover Competition

Congratulations to Jeongwoo for winning the Yearbook cover competition. Mia Shin’s design will be used on the back cover.

Upcoming Dates

Here are some upcoming dates to be aware of:

  • Tuesday 22nd June – Term 3 Reports published
  • Tuesday 22nd June – End of Term Trips
  • Thursday 24th June – Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Friday 26th June – Last Day of Term 3 (Full Day)

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