Exit Points, Entry Points and Trip Planning

This week the students finished their IMYC unit on Balance.  The students created and shared their Exit Point about their understanding of Balance.  Below are some examples of their work.

Matthew’s Exit Point



Daphne’s Exit Point (click on the image above)


Hayun’s Exit Point (click on the image above)

The class have begun to think about the possibility of some of the students in the school going on a residential trip in Term 3.  In class, they researched two potential locations that they would like to visit.  Keep your eye on the class page and Newsletter for more information in the future!

P1040071 P1040072

Finally, they Year 7/8/9 students are really getting into their journal writing.

P1040074 P1040075

Although sometimes we can still get distracted!


Have a good weekend everyone!