Week 4 News update and Spelling


Year 1: General review of “ou” and “ow” and frequently used words.

Year 2: Parents Column Abdomen Thorax Antennae Better Best Across During Today

Dear Parents and Children,

As week 4 passes us by we are over a third of the way through the final term of the year and learning continues to progress in the year 1-2 classes at HFS. We do hope you were sufficiently and deservedly spoiled on Parent’s day, the children enjoyed making cards and flowers to show their appreciation of you.

In class this week students showed their creativity by writing their own fantasy story development for John Burningham’s “The Shopping Basket”. They also enhanced their grammar knowledge by learning about connectives. In Math we learned column addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing and in IPC we started looking at insects and mini-beasts and concluded our germ projects by taking our final photos. . Next, we will put the images into Google slide shows in I.T. class. In P.E. the students had fun practicing their basketball dribbling, bouncing and shooting skills and also worked on their football shooting skills.The students enjoyed observing and taking care of “Terry” and “Cherry”, the school turtles, this week. They will be missed.

Next week, in anticipation of our next IPC unit called “From A to B”, the students will write a letter to someone in another country. It will be a fun activity learning about the journey that the letter travels as it goes from its origin to its destination.

That’s all for this week, Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney



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