Class Update 07/03/20

Good afternoon everyone,

What a great day! Today was our school Sports Day. We managed to complete all of the class games and start the team games before it started to rain. It is a shame that we couldn’t continue but the children still had a great time. Thank you to those that came to watch and support.






20200703_100317 (1) 20200703_100327 (1)

In Literacy this week, we have been learning about different sentence types. We read poems about monsters and dinosaurs and wrote our own questions, statements, commands and exclamations. We then used different sentence types to help us write a poem that used each type of sentence in a verse.

20200630_105941 20200630_105734 20200630_105738 20200701_105856 20200703_122241 20200703_122239

We also learned how to use apostrophes for possession.


This week in maths, we have been learning about money. In class, we learn about British money and then children can apply their understanding of number to different currencies. We used different combinations of coins to make a total and then solved problems involving money.


In IPC this week, we have been learning how to use Scratch 1.4. The children learned how to create a project by importing a background and sprites. They then had fun creating their own sprite and learning how to code to give their sprites instructions and add text.

20200701_140304 20200701_140933 20200701_135901 20200701_135856

That’s all for this week. Happy 4th July weekend. Have a great weekend.

Ms Nurse