Class Update 28/02/19

Good afternoon everyone,

What an interesting week we have had. This week, the children have been able to access eLearning through video meetings, games, tasks and assignments.  Thank you to the parents for your support and for sharing pictures of your children’s learning. Here are some pictures of some of the learning that has been taking place this week.

google classroom Capture Capture3 au aw (25 Feb 2020 2_12_22 pm) 20200225_105647 Capacity (Tuesday) (25 Feb 2020 11_57_19 am) 20200228_05411 20200226_95417 20200226_93305 20200226_94531 KakaoTalk_20200228_081715088.mp4_000012740 Super Humans Entry Point (Tuesday) (25 Feb 2020 1_42_13 pm) Super Humans Knowledge Harvest (Wednesday) (28 Feb 2020 2_03_25 am) 20200226_141449 20200226_131611 Make a shaker! (25 Feb 2020 12_34_26 pm)

I hope you all had an interesting week. Homework will be to finish any assignments that you have left over.

Have a fantastic break.

Ms Nurse