Term 3 Week 1 Update

Well we’re back! I hope everyone had a restful break. We’ve got a short term with lots to pack in. The weather hasn’t been nice this week so we’ve had a lot of indoor recesses. The forecast for Saturday is bright and sunny so please take advantage of that weather and get your children outside. The rain starts again on Monday.

We kicked off a new phonics unit called Letters to Words. We’ve begun building words with our phonics knowledge. We’re currently working on CVC words which is Consonant Vowel Consonant words (such as cat, sat, pig, etc). This week we focussed on short A and short I words. The children did wonderfully. They built their CVC words using magnets independently, read flash cards, built words on the board for the whole class to see, and even wrote words independently on their whiteboards.

20190424_105300 20190424_105337 20190424_105745 20190424_110118 20190424_110347 20190423_110359 20190423_110415 IMG_20190425_110330_Bokeh IMG_20190425_110428_Bokeh IMG_20190425_110437_Bokeh

Instead of alternating days of phonics and centres this term, we will be splitting our lesson into half phonics, half centres. During centres time one group a day will do guided reading with me.

20190424_111347 20190424_111322 20190424_111306

Our Writer’s Workshop has moved onto our narrators unit. As the children develop we will be doing a combination of free writing and guided writing. We will also be writing with more prompts. One of the prompts I’d like to begin with is recalling a past vacation. Please email me at mariemcclellan@hyundaiforeignschool.com a great photo of your child on vacation so they can write a story about it. I would like to do this activity on Thursday so please have all photos emailed to me by Wednesday.

IMG_20190426_134838 IMG_20190426_134843

As the math we are doing becomes more complicated for the younger children, we will be working more in a guided math/centres style for math with each group of children getting lessons targeted at their level. This will begin next week.

In IPC we began our Green Thumb unit all about growing plants. We began by taking a walk around the Hanmaeum Centre looking at all the new plants growing in the spring.

20190423_120040 20190423_115815 20190423_115810 20190423_115625 20190423_115445

And we’ve started an experiment. We are growing beans in bags. The students put a wet paper towel and a cannelli bean into a ziplock bag. They drew what it looked like in their Seed Journal and then I hung the beans in the window. If all goes well, we will see some roots and sprouts starting soon. When the beans are germinated, we’ll pot them.

20190425_114533 20190425_115629 IMG_20190425_120256

We kicked off this first week back with our Conflict Resolution morning meetings. This week we talked about anger, our reactions to it, and how we can keep our anger at a reasonable level and move to calm down.


That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and please enjoy that sun!