Week 7 Update

We made it! Tuesday was our hundredth day here at HFS!


Counting to the hundredth day of school is a great way for students to learn their numbers in the early years. It was extra special this year – marking 100 days at our new campus. Our class had a great Hundred Day party. We dressed like we were 100 years old. We made crowns. We put 100 stamps into a booklet. We made necklaces with 100 Froot Rings. The whole day was a celebration of the number 100. I took a lot of photos so the entire Google Album can be seen here.

IMG_20190219_103935 IMG_20190219_104401 IMG_20190219_105212 IMG_20190219_112216 IMG_20190219_113136 IMG_20190219_120435_Bokeh IMG_20190219_120614_Bokeh IMG_20190219_121831_Bokeh IMG_20190219_122037_Bokeh IMG_20190219_122045_Bokeh IMG_20190219_135453_Bokeh IMG_20190219_135629 IMG_20190219_140841 IMG_20190219_141950 IMG_20190219_145536

This celebration of 100 has even shown itself later this week during developmental play time where some students are starting to take our daily math routines and practice them on our own. Ezra was very proud to show me he did a tally chart to count 100.


There’s been lots of development in our developmental play time. The students are beginning to act out family scenes with different friends taking on the role of Mommy, Daddy, Sister, and Brother. Other students are starting to show an interest in cutting and pasting and colouring. There’s been some really creative things made such as Aras’s dragon and dinosaur.


A lot of development is being seen in our Writer’s Workshop with students really trying their best to write words, sentences, and stories to accompany their illustrations. It’s been fantastic to see a connection between our phonics work and our writing work.


Part of what we do in phonics is break apart words to hear their individual sounds. Today we represented sounds in words with snap cubes and looked for the middle sound of the word. The students had a try at it themselves.


Math Buddies is moving away from learning new numbers (although we still spend time reviewing) to studying shapes. We began with 3D shapes. We’re learning about cubes, cylinders, spheres, and cones. This is tricky new vocabulary for second language learners so please try to reinforce this at home. We worked with some real-life objects such as a party hat, a box, a can of stewed tomatoes, and a ball to show that these words can describe the shape of real-life objects so the students are familiar with that concept.

IMG_20190221_135051_Bokeh IMG_20190222_145854 IMG_20190222_145907

When the Year 2-9s were away on their trip on Thursday, we used the playground equipment during our snack and lunch breaks. The students had great fun playing on the structure.

IMG_20190221_102655 IMG_20190221_102703 IMG_20190221_103038 IMG_20190221_103117

Our Kindness Morning Meetings are continuing. Sometimes I wonder if the students are understanding the concepts we discuss because it’s not immediately apparent in the meetings but during the day I see them using language and concepts we’re learned. Next week’s curriculum can be found here: Week 5 to be a good friend

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!