Household Objects for IPC Sound Exploration

As we explore the 5 senses, we will be doing some work on sound. I would like to create homemade instruments for us to play with. For this, I will need the children to bring in some items from home. All these items would be trash/recyclables so please make sure they’re clean

These items could include:

  • Yogurt Containers
  • Shoe Boxes
  • Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls
  • Empty Kleenex Boxes
  • Pie Plates
  • Pop Can

That is just a list of examples. We can happily work with many different kinds of recyclables to make our instruments. Think silly, fun, and creative. If you’re not sure if your item will work either go ahead and send it and I’ll make the call when our project time comes, or feel free to email me and ask.

Please do your best to have these items to me by the end of the week (Friday) and also feel free to send more than one item. We could make an orchestra!

Thanks for your kind cooperation,

Marie McClellan