Week 1 PE Happenings

After the long holidays we have been busy shaking off the cobwebs this week in PE. In the wonderful world of the Early Years F1 students practiced their passing and kicking skills (kicking a ball that is, and thankfully not each other!) Rolling, and stopping small balls was the order of the day for F2 students, plus aiming said balls at targets like ten pins, although to be honest the wind blew the targets over probably more times than the students did!

Y1 and Y2 classes were involved in some activities with mats that improved their decision making, speed, and reaction time. Y1 also enjoyed the fox and rabbit game, plus a throwing and dodging game called “Run the Gauntlet”.

Students in Y3/4 started a unit of Gymnastics, as well as games to improve their ball skills. In Y5/6 we are working on the theme of balance, plus collaboration with the Humanities topic about the Mayan civilisation. Students really enjoyed a traditional Mayan game which involved a ball, some hoops, a couple of nets, and nearly some smashed lighting filaments! We tried to make the game as authentic as possible , although everyone was somewhat relieved that the defeated team didn’t have to have all it’s players sacrificed and decapitated unlike back in Mayan times!

Finally in Secondary we have commenced a unit on Volleyball which the students “got into” pretty quickly, and they will be happy to find out we have a real (instead of an imaginary and make believe) net sorted out for next week thanks to our caretaker Mr. Song’s improvising, drilling, and DIY skills that were way beyond my capabilities!

Term 2 Clubs

I will be holding two clubs once again this term on Wednesday afternoons.

Football Club for students from Y5-9 will take place from 1-2pm on the outdoor pitch, and Multi-Sports will be held in the hall from 2-3pm for Y3-6 students.

Both clubs will commence on Wednesday January 18th, and last until 22nd March.

Any interested students will need to collect a permission form and return it to me before the 18th , even if they took part in the clubs in Term 1. For more information either see me, or read the information sheets on the PE notice board opposite the cafeteria.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Mr. Moss