Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 7

Dear Parents,

The students are getting very excited and counting down the days until our field trip next week.

On Tuesday 28th February we will be leaving school at 9am sharp and returning to school for 4:30pm. Those who usually take the 3:30 pm bus can take the 4:30 pm bus home. 

 What should I take?

  • A snack that is easy to eat on the go. We will have a quick snack on arrival but there is no seating at the entrance for the children to sit down and eat. If you could pack something such as a breakfast bar, chips or crackers that would be great. As long as it is easy and quick for the children to eat before entering.
  • A packed lunch. We have reserved the lunch area from 12-12:30pm for the children to sit down and eat their lunch together. The children are not allowed to walk around with their backpacks so I will take out their lunch boxes and snacks and put them in one large bag to take with us.
  • A water bottle as always.
  • An extra snack for the way home. Children are usually hungry around 3pm so a little extra snack would be good incase they are hungry before getting on the bus again.
  • Comfortable clothing. The bus journey is 1 hour 20 minutes, so comfy clothes all the way 😉

Myself, Ms Temple and Ms Barbara will be accompanying the children on the trip. It should be a fun-filled day of learning and experiencing!

In Maths this week, the Y2 children have been working on subtraction and multiplication. They worked very hard to solve problems and enjoyed completing some challenges on the tuff trays.

Year 1 students started their unit on 3D Shapes and reviewed their names and their properties. We had fun making patterns, drawing our own shapes and building towers!

In English this week, we carried on with our current unit, “Do it like this!” where the students had the chance to talk about and design their own signs. The Year 2 students wrote about the signs and what they are used for. In their rotations they worked on ‘ed’ and ‘ing’ endings and did some writing work with Ms Mary. We also looked at colours and how you can make new colours if you mix them together. This knowledge will help them when they design their own posters next week.

In IPC, we continued on with our unit “Freeze It!”. We were scientists this week and carried out a few different experiments. I am so impressed by how seriously they have been conducting them! We tested how long it takes for liquids to turn into solids, how different liquids will freeze at different temperatures, and how quickly a solid can melt into a liquid. They even made their own ice lollies by putting solids (fruit) into liquid (water) and they enjoyed trying this healthy icy treat today! They were surprisingly delicious and it was a nice end to the week!

Just a friendly reminder that the school will be closed next Wednesday, 1st March – Independence Movement Day. It might be nice to have a little rest after our field trip hehe! 🙂

Enjoy the weekend and see you all on Monday,

Mrs. Sim