Weekly Update – T2W2

Hello and Happy Lunar New Year,

We have had a lovely week and it was great to see so many children dressed up yesterday for Seollal. 

In English this week, we read two new stories, “The Runaway Chapatti” and “The Big Pancake”. Both stories followed a very familiar story the children all know called, “The Gingerbread man”. The Year one students learned about vowels and consonants while the Year 2 students practised independent writing by answering questions about the stories. We have all been working hard during our literacy rotations too where we work on word time, writing, reading and writing.

In IPC we continued with our unit ‘Who am I?’ and have had lots of fun exploring our cultures and countries. We made a map to show where our mummies and daddies are from and drew information posters to let everyone know what we eat and wear in our home countries. We also thought about the groups we belong to, such as friends, family, gymnastics, taekwondo and swimming club. We made bubbles and wrote sentences about what we do in these groups. For example ‘At home, I eat dinner with my family’. We also learned what to do in emergencies. Mrs Sim had to pretend to collapse (hehe) and the children practised calling 119 and 112 stating what had happened and telling them where they were and what their names were. They had lots of fun doing this. 

In Maths this week Year 1 continued learning all about Time and mastering how to tell the time to the hour and half past. We also practised saying the days of the week, writing them and figuring out what day it was yesterday and what day it would be tomorrow. We made spinners to help us! Year 2 has been working on Numbers to 100, looking at number bonds, fractions and regrouping numbers. We also practised writing numbers in different forms and worked on rounding to the nearest 10. The homework this week should help consolidate their knowledge and understanding. 

In P.E the students learned different ball passes and took part in some team races. We are always working on our team work skills and trying to help the children see that winning is not important (Especially in P.E.). They were all very good at bounce passes and their control of the ball is improving.

Field Trip

This term we will be going to Kidzania in Busan for our field trip. It is a fantastic learning experience and the children are going to have so much fun. The field trip will take place on Tuesday 28th February. The cost of the trip is 30,000 won. It is still a little while away yet but I like to get things booked in advance 🙂 If you could bring the money in an envelope with your child’s name on it by  Friday, February 10th that would be lovely. Thank you.

Parent Teacher Conference

Parent teacher conferences will be held in week 4. Please choose a time on the form. If the times are not convenient for you please do get in touch; leighemmasim@hyundaiforeignschool.com

I hope you all have something nice planned for the long weekend. School is closed Monday and Tuesday for the Seollal holiday. Enjoy time with your family and I will see you all on Wednesday 25th.

Take care,

Mrs. Sim