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Term 2 Week 4 Update

Hello everyone!

Another busy week full of great learning experiences. Your child’s mid-term report went home today, and parent-teacher conferences will take place next week; I look forward to seeing you all then.

During IPC lessons, we spent most of our time in a dark classroom as we experimented with light. The students explored reflection, refraction, the visible spectrum of light, light and filters and shadows.

In English, we continued to enjoy our class reading of ‘The Boy in the Tower.’ While reading the text, we learnt about the relative clauses, wrote setting descriptions, looked at the subjunctive forms, and wrote letters of advice. The children have enjoyed the book, which we should be ending next week.

In Math, we used data to draw different types of graphs, including waffle graphs and bar charts. Students also used these types of graphs to analyse the data and draw conclusions from it.

That’s all for this wee, have a great weekend everyone.

Term 2 Week 3 Update

Hello everyone!

Last week was a short week due to the Seollal holidays, I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Parent-teacher conferences will take place on Monday 6th and Thursday 9th of February, please use the link provided to book an appointment Link. If the dates or times are not convenient for you then please get in touch with me to make other arrangements. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

In English, we continued to read our class novel called ‘The Boy in the Tower.’ We made a character profile, answered various comprehension questions and made predictions about what will happen next in the story,

For IPC the students made posters about what they have learnt so far to add to the display. They worked well together and were very creative.

That’s all for this week, I hope you all had a great weekend.

Term 2 Week 2 Update

We are now into our second week of term two as the students delve deeper into the new units we have started.

For IPC, we continued our work around sound; the students demonstrated how sound travel to Ms Sim’s class and tested to see if solids and liquids affect how sound travels. They also explored how to make high and low pitches with different instruments; and investigated the best soundproofing material.

In English, the students looked at writing a nonfiction text based on the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’. We spent a lesson looking at active and passive voice, how to identify it and change from one to the other. Towards the end of the week, we started reading a class book called ‘The Boy in the Tower,’ and the class enjoyed it. We made predictions and explored the main characters, Ade and Gaia.

In Math, we worked with angles, learning to name, measure and draw them. We also visually observed that the interior angles of a triangle are equal to 180 degrees and used this in calculating missing angles of triangles. 

That’s all for this week, have a great long weekend and an enjoyable Seollal.

Term 2 Week 1 Update

Welcome back! I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable Winter break. As the new term has started so has the new learning and experiences. Also, we welcomed a new student to our class, Alec, who has made a great start and settled in well.

As with each new term, we start new units of learning. In IPC, we began a unit called ‘Look Hear,’ which is all about sound and light. For the entry point, the students explored four stations around sound and light answering questions about each one. For the next task, the students then researched how the eye or ear worked, made a diagram, labeled it and wrote an explanation. They then taught became a teacher, one student taught a friend about the ear while the other taught them about the eye.

In English, we started a unit called ‘Back to the Future,’ which is about science fiction writing. We began with a written assessment to see how well the students write narratives; by the end of the unit, I can see their improvements. We also explored a science fiction text, made predictions and explored grammar devices.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

Term 1 Week 16 Update

Hello everyone!

This is the final update for term 1. It has been a pleasure teaching this class and we have so much fun together. The children have worked so hard this term, each has produced excellent work, and they should be proud of everything they have achieved. Term two will bring more challenges so I hope everyone enjoys and has a restful Winter break.

We’ve had so much Christmas fun with the Winter show and Christmas parties today. I was very proud of all the students who participated in the Winter Show, they showed great confidence, and I was happy with how our class performance turned out.

There was still a lot of learning going on as the students ended our unit on Forces. The class explored friction using newton meters, shoes and different surfaces; they also investigated water resistance with clay and water by timing different shapes reaching the bottom of the water.

That’s all for this week. I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, see you all in 2023.

Term 1 Week 15 Update

Hello everyone!

We are now into the final week of this term and Christmas is almost here. We spent a bit of each day practising for our Winter Show performance. The school is looking very festive with all the decorations. I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.

This week in English, the students wrote, edited and performed their final poems about making an ordinary object sound extraordinary. I was very impressed with the creativity and devices the students used and their performances they spoke clearly and confidently.

In IPC, the students explored simple machines that help us do everyday tasks, such as levers, pulleys and gears. They then made a catapult, investigated which team could fire a table tennis ball the furthest, and explained how a lever helps their catapult.

This week in Math, we continued with mastering the skill of adding and subtracting fractions and decimal numbers. The learners got the opportunity to make use of this skill in word sums where they had to identify the operator that had to be used for each problem.

Term 1 Week 14 Update

Hello everyone!

Christmas is in the air! Decorations are up around the school; the Winter show is only a week and a half away. As a class, we have put together a lip-sync medley of Christmas songs to perform, and we have been practising lots recently.

This week the students enjoyed a lot of science investigations, which allowed us to explore our unit ‘Fascinating Forces’. We investigated to see if all objects hit the ground at the same time, explored weight and mass using newton metres and scales, and experimented with parachutes to understand air resistance.

In English, we explored a variety of poems; we used these poems to help write and understand and write similes, metaphors and personification; we went outside to write a poem about the sky as inspiration.

This week in Math we completed our unit on probability by doing some chance experiments and simulations to represent events. We then started a new unit on calculations with fractions. 

Week 13 Update

Hello everyone!

At the start of the week, we finished off our unit, ‘The Great, the Bold and the Brave.’ The students made a timeline showing the Anglo-Saxon kings; up until the year 1066 when the Normans took over England.

The highlight of the week was the class trip to the Busan science museum. This was a fantastic entry point to our new unit called ‘Fascinating Forces,’ the children had a great time exploring the different exhibits and learning through experiences the museum had to offer. All of this, set them up ready to delve deeper into forces over the next few weeks. After, the trip the students carried out a knowledge harvest to show what they know about forces.

In English we continued with our poetry unit, we explored expanded noun phrases and how we could use them to create a poem. The students took pictures around the school to help them create expanded noun phrases.

This week in Math the students explored probability and the language associated with probability. Learners also discovered the difference between mutually exclusive and NOT mutually exclusive events when conducting chance experiments. 

Term 1 Week 12 Update

Wow! What a way to end the week with the Kindness Market. The children had a lot of fun with so much on offer; thank you all for your donations. An extra big thank you to Ms Sim and the kindness club for organising such a wonderful event. All the contributions will make a huge difference!

In English this week, we started a new unit on poetry. We went over poetic features, highlighted them and labelled them in different poems and compared and contrasted two poems.

This week we completed our unit on fractions, decimals and percentages. The learners had the opportunity to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. We also looked at comparing and equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

In IPC, we are coming towards the end of our history unit, ‘The Great the Bold and the Brave.’ We moved on to Anglo-Saxons as the Roman Empire collapsed the Anglo-Saxons moved to England and settled. The students explored similarities and differences between Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and Alfred the Great’s achievements.

Term 1 Week 11 Update

Hello everyone!

Half term is here and I hope you all have a very enjoyable break. I hope you can find the time to fill out a permission form for our trip to Busan Science Museum in the link provided. Link

This week in English, the students planned and wrote a script independently, including all of the features. They also checked their work and checked a partner’s work to see how successful they had been.

In IPC this week, we focused on the Roman army. The students explored two key questions, what made the Roman army so successful and what it was like to be a Roman soldier? They learnt about reasons for their successes and ranked these. They looked at a day in the life of a Roman soldier and made a Roman shield so they could become a legion and work together to make the different formations the Roman army would use in battle.

In Math, we looked at fractions, decimals and percentages. We learned how to convert between the three and how to use fractions as an operator. we also looked at proper and improper fractions and mixed numbers. 

That’s all for this week.