School Statement



At HFS we endeavour to…

  • Provide accredited British based international education, in a Korean setting
  • Give a period of strength and continuity in our students’ education journeys
  • Develop students who are; respectful, responsible, tolerant and confident
  • Enhance expatriate family life in Ulsan


At HFS we envisage a school that…

  • Delivers an engaging curriculum of broad content
  • Achieves strong academic results
  • Connects students with our Korean context
  • Provides rich learning experiences and real life applications
  • Has a diverse staff of well qualified international teachers
  • Reflects the international character of staff and students through;
  • Studies, Celebrations, Languages and the Arts
  • Embraces diversity and treats everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Has a close connection with our parents and community

Core Beliefs and Values

At HFS we value…

  • Striving for academic excellence
  • Development of core skills in English as the international language
  • Global thinking and an international mindset
  • Curiosity, enquiry, deep questions, scientific method and critical thinking
  • Programmes that encourage personal fitness and physical activity
  • Studies that promote environmental awareness, respect for nature, sustainability and conservation
  • Creative ways to demonstrate knowledge and learning
  • High quality teaching resources, classroom equipment and furniture
  • Students that are friendly, welcoming, accepting and able to work or play in a team
  • Investment in ongoing professional development for all staff, relevant to their position and responsibilities
  • Stimulating displays and learning environments that engage, acknowledge and motivate students
  • Up to date and reliable computer and technical resources appropriate for learning and administration
  • Strategic and administratively efficient systems, policies and practices