At Hyundai Foreign School, our goal is to deliver a British based curriculum that is both recognized and transferred easily internationally. To achieve this we utilize a number of different curricula and evaluations, which vary based on year level and subject.

HFS primary and middle years programmes utilize the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Primary and Secondary 1 curricula for English, Maths, and English as a Second Language support classes. For more information on these curriculum please read the CIE Curriculum Overviews:

All other areas of the curriculum (including Science) are based on the International Early Years, International Primary Curriculum and International Middle Years Curriculum.

At HFS, we regularly review and revise our programmes based on student performance, parent feedback and educational trends. Families at HFS can expect to be asked to attend regular consultation meetings and to fill out surveys to help us make these improvements. Students are also evaluated regularly using both internal and external agencies.

HFS uses a range of assessment strategies to monitor students’ progress, inform future teaching and report to parents.  At the end of Year 6 and Year 9 students will sit Cambridge Checkpoint Tests in maths, English and science and these tests are externally marked. To monitor year-on-year progress the school uses GL Assessments in English, maths and science to provide information on how well students are performing compared to the expectations for their age. In addition to these one off tests teachers are constantly assessing the students learning in class and older classes may be set end of unit mini tests from time to time.