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Weekly Update – Week 8

This was a week full of learning new things and skills.

In Math we learnt more about position and directions, making use of quarter, half and three quarter turns bot clock wise and anticlockwise. We also looked at the different views of 3D shapes and how to draw the front, side and top view.

In English we looked at how to write statements, questions, exclamations and commands by making use of adverbials. We worked on making our writing more interesting to read by making use of contractures and using descriptive language.

During IPC in our unit focusing on fashion we looked at the fashion of jewelry throughout the ages. We looked at some examples of different jewelry pieces and what their purpose was in society, who made them and what it was made out off.

We then planned designed and made replicas of some of these jewelry pieces that we will use as an museum display.

During our Tuesday PE lesson we put into practice our lesson on teamwork and crossed raging rapids as a team working together.

On Friday we did some fun coordination activities that included balancing on a line and playing increasingly more challenging hot potato throwing and catching games.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.

See you back on Monday.

Weekly Update – Week 7

This week we had a lot of fun finishing our unit on Island life by doing a hula dance as an exit point for IPC. Making our hula skirts and weaving mats from paper also led nicely into our next unit about Fashion.

In Math we looked at symmetry and reflecting shapes across different mirror lines. The students also looked for 2D and 3D shapes in our everyday life and where we use them.

In English we looked at the structure of non-chronological reports and the correct tenses to use when writing these reports. The students also learnt how to set up the report in multiple columns on a google doc in ICT.

That is all for this week, have a good weekend and see you all on Monday.

Weekly update – Week 6

This week we had lots of fun learning exciting things.

In English we started looking at what Non-chronological reports entail. We looked at the structure the way the language is written and how to plan writing a non-chronological report.

In Math we looked at different properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We used these properties to sort them into different categories in Venn diagrams. We also looked at the nets of different 3D shapes and explored different nets that would make up a cube.

In IPC we are coming to the end of our Island life module, we are wrapping up by listening to each others Desert Island disks (songs we would take along to a deserted island). We also composed our own island songs by making used of found instruments in the class, as well as looking at the song and dance of indigenous people from different islands. As an exit point we are preparing a island dance routine to perform.

In PE we worked a little more on small ball skills and incorporated it into cricket catching and fielding and playing a bit of “French cricket”.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend and come back ready for the new week.

Weekly update – Week 5

Happy Children’s day to all the students!

Despite it being a short week due to the Children’s day public holiday a lot was happening in class.

In Math we learnt about 2D and 3D shapes and what the difference is, we also learnt more about 2D shapes and their names and whether they regular or irregular shapes.

In English we planned to write our own Adventure stories, we also workshopped how to write short stories, looking at what is important and how it is different from longer format tales like books.

During IPC we continued to look at different traditions from different islands around the world. We also completed our “masterpiece” t-shirts that is inspired by island life. The students had a lot of fun and showed a huge amount of creativity designing and painting or printing their t-shirts.

In PE started to learn a little how to play cricket.

But most importantly we put all of our skills we have learnt so far to good use during a very fun sports day.

It is also with heavy hearts that we are saying good bye to Caroline this week. We are very sad to see her leave but is super excited with her for her return to Houston and all the new adventures that await her there. Her sparkling personality and energy will be missed in the class.

Weekly update – Week 4

This week we had a full and busy week of learning and finding out interesting things.

In English we looked at different aspects of punctuation and how it is used in writing English. We covered question marks and question words as well as making use of direct speech. We watched the story of Don Quixote and asked questions about how he will se the world and compared that to his companion Sancho.

In Math we got really hungry talking about the fractions of pizzas and chocolates we “ate”, all the while learning about equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers.

In IPC we looked at what traditions and culture entails and did some research about the traditions of our host country, Korea, compared to some student’s home countries. The students are currently looking at different traditions from some of the islands that we have “visited” during our lessons on Island life. We also practiced leaf printing in designing and island inspired print that will lead us to make island life inspired t-shirts.

I also got around to take some pictures of the students in art.

That is all for this week, have a good weekend.

Weekly Update – Week 3

Assessment week!!! This week our students completed the Cambridge Progression tests for stage 3. They wrote a test every day alternating between Math and English. Considering this is a very new experience for the students they all put in a lot of effort and gave of their best the whole week.

In Math we continued to look at fractions and learn more about comparing fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions.

In English we looked more at adventure tales and looked at the difference of a legend and the actual person around who the legend is based by looking at St George and the Dragon.

In IPC we continued to look at islands and especially how they are formed. We also took a look at human habitation of islands considering where good spots would be to inhabit an island with regards to food, water shelter and protection from danger. We then started to look at the arts of island people and how different islands and their locations affect the fabrics that is produced on these islands.

During PE we practiced some traditional games that require different forms of coordination. We did egg and spoon walks as well as sack races. We also started to learn how to play badminton.

That is all for this busy week. We will be trying something different with homework this week by giving a little bit to do every day and not everything in one foul swoop.

Enjoy your weekend and see you all next week.

Year 2/3 Weekly update – Week 2

This week we had a busy week learning new things, consolidating others and getting ready for the upcoming assessment week in week 3.

During Math we learned about grid references and how to use them in telling locations. This helped us when we were learning about lines of latitude and longitude in IPC. We also learned about what fractions mean, how to read fractions as well as what equivalent fractions are.

During English we learned more about verbs, clauses and conjunctions. We also did some reading comprehension and writing of information texts, focusing on using paragraphs and correct sentence structure.

During IPC we looked at different Geographical features and learnt how to identify them and describe a place by its Geographical features. We also learned more about the different parts of rivers from their source to their mouth.

We made use of both Atlases and online mapping programs to find different places making use of lines of longitude and latitude. Each student also presented some information about an island they found in the Southern Hemisphere to the class.

Next week we will be busy with progression assessment tests every day, so i hope that everyone has a relaxing and fun weekend.

Year 2/3 Weekly update – Week 1

A very warm welcome back to everyone for the start of term 3.

We jumped right in and got busy learning and discovering new things from day 1.

In Math we started learning about fractions and how to write them and represent them by colouring in fractions of shapes. We also started our preparations for assessment week in week 3 by learning how to answer tests and read and follow the instructions on the test papers.

In English we started reading Adventurous Stories and discussing what this entails, where they are set and the characters that you will find in them. We also learned about verbs, sentence clauses and conjunctions to link sentences together.

Adventure awaits….

In IPC we started a new unit on Island life, where our entry point looked at living as well as being stranded on an island. The students had to write rescue notes for their class mates and then had to find the islands their classmates was “stranded” on.

We also looked at some tips on how to survive when stuck on an desert island.

We then moved onto identifying Geographical features and separated them into man made and natural features.

We had a busy week and are looking forward to next week to learn more.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Year 2/3 Weekly Update, Week 9 and 10

During the last two weeks we has a busy time at school amid practice for the talent show and getting to complete the terms work before the term break.

In Math we did measurement of length and perimeter. Using rules and metersticks to measure the sides of objects and then calculate the perimeter.

We also learnt to tell time using the terms: “quarter past, half past and quarter to.” We also worked out elapsed time and did some calculations around that.

In English we focused on humorous poems including narrative poems, limericks and nonsense poems. The students had a great time learning and reciting the poems while performing actions.

In IPC we learnt more about fair tests, and how to conduct our own research. The students did a test to see how their heartrates will change before and after exercise. After that they devised their own tests to test balance and performed the test and did their own data collection and write up.

That is all for this term.

I hope everyone has a great term break and come back safely excited to learn.

Year 2/3 Weekly Update, Week 8

Despite this being a shorter week, we were very busy learning and doing interesting things.

In Math we finished looking at graphs and data handling and started with a new section on measurement and problem solving. We started by looking at dollars and the value of different notes and coins. We also worked out how much change we should get when buying things.

In English we worked on writing letters and looking at different kinds of letters. We practiced our writing and using full stops and capital letters.

During IPC we looked at different organs in our bodies, where they are and what their function is.

That is all for this week, have a great weekend!