Final Update

Hello everyone, it is good to be back even if it was just for the last week of term.

The end of this academic year has final arrived. The class has worked very hard this entire year and had a great time learning new and exciting things. Although there were many challenges thrown our way this year the students rose to these. It is with a feeling of sadness that I will be leaving the class, but I am looking forward to following their progress both academically and seeing them grow as the wonderful humans they are.

Some of this week has been spent spring cleaning the classroom and the entire school and the students were very helpful. The biggest highlight of the week was our trip to Gyeongju World, everyone had a fantastic time. We did also make some time to learn new things from the Year 6-9’s about local history.

That’s all for this year, have a fantastic summer and see you all for the next school year.