Year 2/3 Weekly update – Week 2

This week we had a busy week learning new things, consolidating others and getting ready for the upcoming assessment week in week 3.

During Math we learned about grid references and how to use them in telling locations. This helped us when we were learning about lines of latitude and longitude in IPC. We also learned about what fractions mean, how to read fractions as well as what equivalent fractions are.

During English we learned more about verbs, clauses and conjunctions. We also did some reading comprehension and writing of information texts, focusing on using paragraphs and correct sentence structure.

During IPC we looked at different Geographical features and learnt how to identify them and describe a place by its Geographical features. We also learned more about the different parts of rivers from their source to their mouth.

We made use of both Atlases and online mapping programs to find different places making use of lines of longitude and latitude. Each student also presented some information about an island they found in the Southern Hemisphere to the class.

Next week we will be busy with progression assessment tests every day, so i hope that everyone has a relaxing and fun weekend.