Year 2/3 Weekly update – Week 1

A very warm welcome back to everyone for the start of term 3.

We jumped right in and got busy learning and discovering new things from day 1.

In Math we started learning about fractions and how to write them and represent them by colouring in fractions of shapes. We also started our preparations for assessment week in week 3 by learning how to answer tests and read and follow the instructions on the test papers.

In English we started reading Adventurous Stories and discussing what this entails, where they are set and the characters that you will find in them. We also learned about verbs, sentence clauses and conjunctions to link sentences together.

Adventure awaits….

In IPC we started a new unit on Island life, where our entry point looked at living as well as being stranded on an island. The students had to write rescue notes for their class mates and then had to find the islands their classmates was “stranded” on.

We also looked at some tips on how to survive when stuck on an desert island.

We then moved onto identifying Geographical features and separated them into man made and natural features.

We had a busy week and are looking forward to next week to learn more.

Have a great weekend everyone.