Year 2/3 Weekly Update, Week 9 and 10

During the last two weeks we has a busy time at school amid practice for the talent show and getting to complete the terms work before the term break.

In Math we did measurement of length and perimeter. Using rules and metersticks to measure the sides of objects and then calculate the perimeter.

We also learnt to tell time using the terms: “quarter past, half past and quarter to.” We also worked out elapsed time and did some calculations around that.

In English we focused on humorous poems including narrative poems, limericks and nonsense poems. The students had a great time learning and reciting the poems while performing actions.

In IPC we learnt more about fair tests, and how to conduct our own research. The students did a test to see how their heartrates will change before and after exercise. After that they devised their own tests to test balance and performed the test and did their own data collection and write up.

That is all for this term.

I hope everyone has a great term break and come back safely excited to learn.