Year 2/3 Update Week 7

This week we had a fun and busy week learning and doing things.

In Math we continued with data handling and working with graphs. We looked at reading and drawing line graphs as well as how to sort data using Venn and Carroll diagrams .

We also continued to practice out multiplication and addition and subtraction facts.

In English, we learned about contractions, homophones and the use of paragraphs in writing.

During IPC we continued to learn how the human body work by looking at different types of teeth, how the eye work and where the different organs are in the body. We finished the week off by making popcorn and engaging all five our senses while doing so.

During PE we on Tuesday we practiced our batting and throwing using baseballs and baseball bats.

That’s all for this week, remember there is no school on Monday.

Have a great long weekend!