Year 2/3 Update Week 7

This week we had a fun and busy week learning and doing things.

In Math we continued with data handling and working with graphs. We looked at reading and drawing line graphs as well as how to sort data using Venn and Carroll diagrams .

We also continued to practice out multiplication and addition and subtraction facts.

In English, we learned about contractions, homophones and the use of paragraphs in writing.

During IPC we continued to learn how the human body work by looking at different types of teeth, how the eye work and where the different organs are in the body. We finished the week off by making popcorn and engaging all five our senses while doing so.

During PE we on Tuesday we practiced our batting and throwing using baseballs and baseball bats.

That’s all for this week, remember there is no school on Monday.

Have a great long weekend!

Year 2/3 Update Week 6

This week we had lots of hands on activities learning new things and having fun along the way.

In Math we moved onto data handling and interpreting and drawing bar charts. The students also performed their own surveys around the school and used this data to create bar charts to represent their findings.

During English we learned about writing informal letters and postcards. The students learned about the correct format as well as how to address an envelope and the correct position of stamps. They then “posted” their letters for delivery around the school.

During IPC we continued to learn about “how the human body works” by learning more about the skeleton, how the eye work and how the ear works. The students also did a Snellen eye test to see how eyes are tested.

The students also had the amazing opportunity to go on a trip to the Hyundai Arts Centre to see an Anthony Browne exhibition.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

Year 2/3 Update Week 5

This has been a short but busy week where we have learnt a lot of new and exciting things.

In Math we started with a new topic all about data handling and collection. We learned how to do tally tables as well as use this data to draw up pictographs. We also learned how to read and interpret pictographs.

In English started on Monday reading and looking at the wonderful illustrations of Anthony Browne in preparation for our visit to the Hyundai art center next week. The students also wrote their final draft of their traditional tales and started to type them out in preparation to publish their stories. They also completed their illustrations to add to the final product.

In IPC we finished our unit on Inventions that changed the world by learning about some lesser known inventors who invented everyday objects that has really made a difference in the world.

We also started our New topic on How Humans Work by seeing what we know already about the human body.

In preparation for Seolal we also made Paeng-i (팽이) and played some traditional Korean games and some students dressed up on Hanbok.

Happy Lunar New Year and enjoy the long weekend.

Year 2/3 Update Week 4

In Math this week we continued learning more about multiplication and division and how to identify and use these operations in word sums. This gives us a bit more of a real world experience using math and seeing the applications to what we learn.

During English we worked on creating characters and settings for writing our very own traditional tales. After that we started to plan the beginning, middle and end of our stories.

During IPC we looked at lots of different experiments regarding air, air resistance and air pressure as well as how to write up our experiments in a scientific report.

We also used our problem solving skills to invent bridges to make a way across a “river”.

During PE we practiced our balancing and motor skills in completing obstacle courses.