Year 2/3 Update Week 3

My apologies for only uploading week2’s update today, I did not click the correct button last Friday on my way out the class.

This week we had a lot of hands on activities, learning new skills.

The core value we discussed in assembly this week was responsibility, our students got the opportunity for being responsible for our virtual pets, making sure they are well looked after.

In Math we continued working with numbers and solving problems of dividing into groups.

In English we continued our journey with traditional tales and learned about character descriptions and using adjectives and similes to describe our characters better.

We also had a mystery person description where the students had to write a description of another person in school and the rest of the class had to guess who it is.

During IPC we learned more about simple machines in action by building catapults and seeing how they launch different projectiles.

We also saw how electric circuits work and used this knowledge to design and build electric fans. After we build them we discussed the good and bad design features of our designs.

During PE we played some beanbag skills based games to test and improve our aim.

That’s all for week, have a great weekend!

Year 2/3 update – Week 2

This week was such a blast with everyone back at school of in class teaching.

In Math we learned started looking at the fundamentals of multiplication and what it actually mean, we also started to work with division by separating counters into smaller groups. We also looked at the math sentences that go with the array of groups.

In English we continued with traditional tales from different cultures, we looked at the settings, characters and themes of different stories. The class also wrote some alternative endings to some of the stories that we covered in class and had a chance to share it with their peers.

In IPC we took a trip back in time and explored a time before writing instruments were available to find alternative ways to leave messages behind.

We also looked at ancient inventions and saw how a pinhole camera worked.

We also looked at different types of simple machines, how they worked and examples of them in real life. We took some time making “jumping jack” robots that uses levers and strings to move their arms and legs.

I would also like to offer a parent-teacher conference meeting as we weren’t able to meet in person before Christmas. Please respond to my email that will be sent out if you would like to arrange one.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.

Welcome back! Term 2 Week1

Welcome back, I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable break. 

Unfortunately we could not start the new term back in class due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. But we made the best of staying safe at home, and doing online classes. But we are very excited to be back in class again on Monday.

We also welcomed Leo, to the class as a few children moved classes to aid and benefit them.

The new term meant new topics and we started straight out of the blocks in Math with numbers and problem solving. This week we learned to round to the nearest ten as well as doubling and halving numbers. We also continued with multiplication races and addition and subtraction facts to make sure we master the basics of math.

During English we started with Traditional tales from different cultures, answering some questions about the tales as well as looking a similarities and differences in the tales. We also looked at the correct way to write adjectives when comparing things, as well as the use of possessive apostrophes.

Students should remember about their spelling test on Monday.

During IPC we looked at Inventions that Changed the world. We did research on different Great Thinkers, inventions and inventors and how their inventions still influence us to this day. We also looked at the history of flight and made gliders that we will be testing out on Monday.

We also made some time for physical activity doing some PE and learnt how to make a quiz using Google forms in ICT.

That’s all for this week, see you all on Monday! Have a great weekend!