Term 1 Week 4 Update

It was a short week but a busy week yet again.

In IEYC we continued learning about ourselves and our classmates – this time through toys! Thank you to all the parents who remembered to send their child’s favourite toy with them on Tuesday. If you didn’t remember, that’s OK. Your child got to choose their favourite classroom toy to use for the day. We had a show-and-tell; we drew likenesses of our toys; we played a matching game with those likenesses, the toys, our names, and out pictures and even made a display piece from that; and we used our toys in PE class.

We also learned about toys in famous films such as Toy Story. We focussed on Mr. Potatohead and how many feelings he had and how he could change his face to suit the occasion. Then we made our own Mr. Potatohead figures from real potatoes!

Then, we started to focus on the world around us and the space outside our school. We went out, sat on a bench, and discussed what we could see from our vantage point. We saw cars, trees, flowers, cones, the clouds, and of course the school. We walked around to the garden near the Hanmaeum Centre and played some Eye Spy in nature. Later, we went back outside with our own bags and picked up some leaves, sticks, and stones which we combined with indoor art materials such as coloured pasta and pompoms to create some beautiful art which is now hanging in the classrooom.

Our Literacy Centres are going well and this week we added a new element to our afternoon rotations: Math Centres. In the morning we will focus on our literacy work: making letters, writing, letter matching magnets, reading to ourselves or to our friends, and in the afternoon we will have a selection of Math activities which currently are focussing on the numbers 1-5.

Of course we had plenty of play time to strengthen our minds and bodies as well as our social bonds through play. We also love to sing and dance in the class and do that quite often.

That’s it for Week 4. There’s lots in store for Week 5! Let’s keep learning!