Weekly Update – T1W13

Shiver me timbers! What fun we all had on our pirate adventure to Ochi gol Park this week. I was so pleased and proud at how well behaved the students were throughout the whole day. We had an absolute blast searching for treasure using our maps. Although I might have forgotten where I hid all the gold and we spent a long time trying to dig it up. Here are some pictures of the day! Aaargh!! 

In English this week we continued our unit on Rhymes and looked at the song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which we will be singing in our Christmas play. We spent lots of time practising our lines for the play. Thank you for helping the children practise at home too. 

In literacy rotations, the children have been making fantastic progress and it is great to see them so engaged and working hard in their small groups. The Year 1 students have impressed me with how well they are blending and writing their new words. 

In IPC this week, we looked at the history of pirates and why a lot of them got the dreaded disease, “scurvy”, which was caused by a severe lack of Vitamin C. The students learnt how lucky they are that they have such easy access to different fruits and vegetables, let’s hope this will encourage them to continue eating them 😉 We also looked at coins and why they were so important to pirates. The students even got the chance to practise coin rubbing as an Art task. We also designed our very own pirate hats to wear on our trip and I was surprised by how many of them kept them on at the park. 

In Maths, the students have been working on our Number unit with Year 1 students focusing on number bonds to 10 and subtracting. Year 2 looked at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We had a great time in Games today! 

Christmas Countdown book Calendar

It is that magical time of year! Christmas is just around the corner and the children are getting excited. Last year we had a great time with our class book Advent calendar and I would love to do it again this year.

It would be much appreciated if you could wrap up one of your child’s favourite books and send it in by next Wednesday 30th November (Of course the books will be returned once we have read them). It doesn’t necessarily need to be a Christmas book but even better if it is 😊 I will then number the books and from the 1st of December take a little time each day to unwrap and read your child’s book to the class. Their faces lit up last year when their story was read and it brought lots of happiness to the classroom.


Mrs Sim and Ms Temple – The Elves

Also from the 1st December there will be two little elves moving into the classroom! Instead of the usual Elf on the shelf, these little elves will leave the children with kindness challenges to complete each day! Sometimes they may move around the classroom to get a better look at how well the children are working. 🤭🤫 Last year they even stole my chocolate and made such a mess of the classroom!

Winter Show

Information on what to wear for the Christmas play was sent in an email this week along with a little video to help the children learn their lines.  They found it very amusing in class! Thank you again for helping.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay warm! It’s getting chilly out there.

Take care,

Mrs Sim