A letter from your teacher on the last day of school

Teaching Year 1/2 this year has truly been a privilege, and I will never forget this wonderful class.

Our year has been filled with memories that will last a lifetime. It included exciting trips, fantastic learning, penpals and lots of joy and excitement along the way.

It has been so wonderful to watch the students grow, both academically and emotionally. Each day they made me smile, made me proud and sometimes made me cry! 

We had some lovely trips together and I was always impressed with how good they were. We went to see the acrobats show in Gyeongju and enjoyed fun times at the kids cafe. The bird park was both educational and fun. We enjoyed making our own yoyos at the botanical gardens and I was proud of their kindness and great manners towards the staff there. We ended with our trip to Gyeongju World and everyone had a blast! It really was a lovely day.

I will never forget how excited you all got starting a new unit in IPC and the passion you show for learning. We have all grown close over the year and have become a little family. One of the hardest things about being a teacher is having to say goodbye to classes each year.

I have been so lucky to teach a class who are respectful, well behaved, so happy and genuinely a class of kindness. I hope that throughout your primary school journey you carry on demonstrating these values and working as hard as you can. I know that you can all achieve greatness when you try your best. Keep challenging yourself and believe in yourself. You have been the most wonderful class and thank you for a great year. You have been exquisite.

Love Mrs Sim xoxox