Weekly Update – T3W3

Hello and happy Friday to you all! I hope you all had a lovely children’s day yesterday.

We just finished up another great week of learning in Year 1/2.

This week in IPC we have been busy identifying parts of flowers and their functions. At the beginning of the week we began by testing to see if beans germinate in warm or cold temperatures. We put half of our beans in room temperature and several in the refrigerator and we will check to see which ones grow best. Students are waiting patiently to see their beans begin to sprout.
Mrs Leah taught the children all about the parts of plants and flowers and studied their functions. Students produced some lovely diagrams and were able to label the parts and write sentences about them! We also spent time exploring different kinda of fruit and counting their seeds. The students had so much fun using their senses to examine them all.
We finished off today by taking a look at the life cycle of a sunflower. We read the book ‘Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle and began making our very own diagrams.

In English this week we looked at prefixes and suffixes. We learned about using the prefix un- to write the opposite meaning of a word and how to use the comparative and superlative -er and -est. This week’s homework is to describe a character from the book we have been reading “The Invisible”. I would love to see the children use what they have learned this week in their writing. For example, “She was the kindest person but she was very unwell. People were very unkind to her in the story”.

Student Club

Max wanted to start his very own club so Mr Green allowed him to hold one today at break time. He really enjoyed sharing his love of Star Wars with his friends. They coloured in some nice pictures.

In PSHE we looked at the emotion sadness and discussed how this emotion makes us feel. We know that it is okay to feel sad at times and that everyone does so. We looked at how people might look or feel when they are sad. The children were great detectives and together discovered that people who are sad may cry, have hunched shoulders, they may have a sore tummy and they may lose their appetite. We know that if we ever see somebody crying or looking sad we should to talk to them or let the teacher know. It is very important that students recognize their emotions so that they can manage them better.

PE this week we continued with our unit in  “My body, my health” and discussed some of the healthy foods that we should try to eat. We played a game with several flashcards that had healthy fruits on them. Students had to run to corners of the gymnasium when they had a fruit being called. They really loved it when each team then had to change places. They realized that their hearts were beating very very fast after this game!!

Gyeonju Bird Park Field Trip

If you have not yet filled in the permission form and would like your child to come on the field trip on Tuesday 17th May please do so as soon as possible. This allows us to book tickets in advance. Thank you very much.

Hotter Weather

It is getting hotter outside. The sun has been shining all day. If you wish your child to wear sun cream you can put some in their bags or apply some before coming to school.

Next Friday will be Sports Day and the children are really excited about it. There will be more information coming soon in the Newsletter. I hope to see you all there!

Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday!

Mrs Sim xoxo