Weekly Update – T3W2

Good afternoon!

Field Trip

As part of our IPC unit we will be taking a trip to Gyeongju Botanical Gardens and Bird Park to reinforce the students’ learning. This will take place on Tuesday 17th May and will be during school hours. Mr Dunn’s class will be joining us however, we will be separating on arrival and doing different activities at different times. The students will get the opportunity to do some art and craft work at the botanical gardens also. I am sure they are going to have lots of fun. Please fill in the Permission Form by next Friday 6th May.

This week in IPC we have had a lot of fun experimenting doing activities from the science part of our unit. The students learned about hypotheses and tested to see if plants need water and light. We first created two pots, one which had the seeds covered in darkness and the other was put next to the window with lots of light. Then to test to see if seeds need water to grow, we created another tray which had pots with no watera little water and lots of water. We are going to be checking these daily and recording our results. I also brought in some herbs and let the children examine them. These included mint, sage, basil, coriander and parsley. The children were told that these were ‘mystery plants’ and they had to guess, using their senses what they were. We enjoyed recording what we could see, hear, feel and smell.

On Thursday, we wanted to find out where the water goes after we put it in a vase of flowers. We decided to do an experiment using cabbage leaves, food coloring and large cups. We are already seeing results and the students are really excited to check on these each day.

In English, we read a lovely story named “The Invisible” by Tom Percival. We tried to empathize with the character in the story and made our very own murals with special messages to go along with them. This week, the homework is related to the story. Please feel free to watch the read aloud on YouTube to support your child whilst completing the homework.  The students had a great lesson with Mrs Leah writing book reports about our two most recent stories. They expressed why they liked them and learned about rating books by giving them stars.

Students have continued to work well in literacy rotations. Over the next few weeks, I will be carrying out progress tests to ensure each child is in the correct group and learning at a level which is just right for them.

In PE this week we had a lot of fun learning how to create our very own obstacle courses. The students were given a variety of equipment and were asked to create their own journey. They explored lots of different ways to move around and complete the course.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend.